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The Best Pollution Mask for a Vacation in China

The Best Pollution Mask for a Vacation in China

China has a high level of air pollution, which affects people’s health. If you are planning to go on a vacation to China, you should have an anti-pollution mask that you will use. This article will advise you on which mask you should use while in China.

Consequences of Air Pollution

A person exposed to high pollution levels can suffer from different health problems. They can suffer from these effects even though they stay in polluted air for a short time. The issues include a high risk of contracting respiratory infections such as asthma. People who are already sick will feel the severe impacts of air pollution.

Children and older people are likely to be affected easily by air pollution. It is recommended to carry an anti-pollution mask while in China for vacation.

Anti–Pollution Mask

An anti-pollution mask protects the user from pollutants in the natural air. The mask can be disposed of after use or reused depending on the type you bought.

You have to choose a mask that complies with European standards of quality and reliability. This mask should be able to block out even tiny particles, which can be hazardous.

Different air masks are available such as N95, N99, P95 and R95. The best mask to wear while on vacation is the N95.

N95 Mask

N95 is the best mask someone can use while on vacation in China. The mask can be able to trap smaller harmful particles like PM 2.5. Particulate matter 2.5 or PM 2.5 refers to tiny particles or droplets available in the air, which are two and a half microns or less.

PM 2.5 are small in size, and they are capable of traveling into the respiratory tract and reaching the lungs. Exposure to these particles can lead to short-term health issues such as nose, throat, eye and lung irritation. Exposure to these particles can also affect lung functions, and medical conditions such as asthma might worsen.

Cloth face masks have weak resistance to PM 2.5 compared to an N95. It is protective as it is guaranteed to trap 95% of particles such as Pm 2.5 and those which are smaller than it.

The N95 mask can also protect the user from deadly viruses and bacteria. The shell-like structure of the mask also limits the entering of moisture and dust particles.

It is recommended to put on the mask if the Air Quality Index or AQI exceeds 200. People suffering from respiratory problems are advised to wear a mask even if the AQI is lower. They have to wear them because the particles might worsen their conditions if inhaled.

It is essential to know that when you are closer to cars and other sources of air pollution, the AQI to which you are exposed is higher. Wearing an N95 mask is recommended when in these areas, and avoid staying near these places.

The mask has to be worn well for it to be effective. It has to fit your face tight enough to prevent air from leaking into the mask when it has been put on.

Some masks have valves, and others that lack them. You must ensure the N95 mask you buy has an exhalation valve installed on the front. The purpose of the valve is to make exhaling easy and help in reducing the heat build-up inside the mask.

Children are supposed to wear these masks. Their lungs are still developing, and they can get sick quickly from exposure to these particles. Most N95 masks are not suitable for children as they are not easy to fit tightly around their faces. Luckily, some brands produce N95 masks for children.

N95 masks are disposable after being used once, and others can be reused. The reusable ones have replaceable filters, and they are used under specific conditions. They should be stored carefully, and they are not supposed to be shared between users.

Side effects of Wearing a Mask

Wearing an anti-pollution mask can also have different side effects on the user, such as messing with their eyes. If the mask is not worn well, the exhaled air goes into the eyes, making someone scratch their eyes to feel better.

They might be uncomfortable. You have to ensure the mask fits properly and has good ventilation to make it easy when you are breathing. The mask has to fit in your face snugly around the face to prevent particles from entering inside.

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