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The Best Places in the World to Travel With Kids

If traveling was your whole life before you started a family, there is no reason why having children should stop you from pursuing your dreams and discovering new places. Of course, travel with kids can be a challenge. Some destinations that seem fun and exciting can be a safety nightmare for your little ones. In addition, there are so many things to take into consideration and so many things to pack. However, there are many amazing destinations that are kid-friendly as well as worth exploring. If you have no idea where to go on your next family vacation, here are a couple of suggestions you should consider. Look at this cool list of places from all over the world that you can visit if you are looking to travel with kids.

Travel With Kids

Top 6 Places in the World to Travel With Kids

1. Mykonos, Greece

Maybe the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Mykonos are wild parties, crowded clubs and beaches packed with tourists. However, if you arm yourself with patience and wait till the shoulder season this can be a perfect family travel destination. In September the beaches are empty, beach clubs become open to young children, and accommodation prices are discounted.  If your little one enjoys playing in the sand, click here to find useful beach toys for kids.

2. Inverness, Scotland

If you have watched the TV series Outlander, you are probably familiar with the Scottish jewel that is Inverses. If not, you will definitely be drawn to it once you go online and see pictures of this charming place. In case spending time on the beach, playing in the sand and swimming are not your favorite holiday activities, discovering natural landscapes, medieval ruins, and prehistoric sites might be your cup of tea. Here you will find old cathedrals and churches from the 18th century, and there is also a plethora of breathtaking castles around this town. There are so many amazing things you can do with your kids here, one of them being taking a famous Loch Ness Monster cruise. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky to spot the mysterious Nessie. 

3. London, England

Numerous play areas, famous Hyde Park, the Natural History Museum, Shrek’s Adventure and the Science Museum are just some of the places you should visit with your children while staying in London. England’s capital offers a wide variety of kid-friendly activities, so be sure to check it out in spring, summer or early fall before the temperatures drop.

4. Dubai, UAE

If your kids are one of those little ones who cannot stand still in one place for too long and always have too much energy, consider going to Dubai. This destination offers a bunch of activities such as jet-skiing, paddle boarding, boat rides, water slides, parasailing, and more. If you wish, you can go on interesting excursions like the Hot Air Balloon Tour or the Heritage Night Safari. Since most of the hotels are located near the beaches where the water is very calm, you can let your children play without worrying about their safety. 

5. Santa Barbara, CA

In case you live in California and you don’t want to travel too far, going to Santa Barbara might be a great option. This town has a lot of beaches that are calm and perfect for kids, but if your little one doesn’t like playing in the water you can also rent bikes and scooters and cruise around the town together. While staying there be sure to check out the Sea Center on the pier where your kid can pet baby animals and learn about various creatures we share this planet with.  In Santa Barbara there is also a bunch of kid-friendly restaurants and great hotel options, so be sure to visit it. 

6. Oahu, Hawaii

This breathtaking place also features a lot of hotel options, kid-friendly restaurants, numberless activities for kids, and protected beaches of Waikiki. Make sure to travel in the off-season when prices are lower.

By choosing kid-friendly destinations, having a pleasant time with your family won’t be something that happens only in movies.  

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