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The Best Food to Try in Orlando

Just like we gravitate towards Italy for the best pizzas euros can buy or think about Germany when we want to find the largest softest pretzels to fill a craving, everywhere has a cultural identity placed in food. Florida is the home of the zestiest key lime pies, fried ‘gator bites, and Cuban sandwiches, to name a few, which is why if you want to try something new and delicious, Orlando should be your next destination for your appetite.

This piece will discuss some of the best places to eat in Orlando, and if you are already there, foods you must try before you leave! I have eaten at many places around Orlando, if you have kids you should try Medieval Times, you can read my full blog post here.

Best Must Eat in Orlando

Key Lime Pie

Going straight in with the dessert, this delicious and tangy-sweet treat makes a name for itself in its home, Florida. You will find locals and tourists alike arguing over the best place to find the perfect piece of key lime pie, so our recommendation is just to try as many as you can and make your own judgments. 

The Best Food to Try in Orlando

Cuban food

Orlando proudly houses some of the best Cuban restaurants you will ever eat at, along with some unique and tasty food to match. Inspired by original Cuban roots, the Cuban sandwich is a classic that you should not miss. Swiss cheese, Cuban bread, pickles, roasted pork, and yellow mustard make up this delicious sandwich that you can opt to have toasted or not. Even if you grab this on the way to the airport, do not leave Orlando without trying one!

That being said, if you have food restrictions or reasons for refraining from different types of meat, you can search for kosher Orlando restaurants so you don’t miss out!

The Best Food to Try in Orlando

Alligator Bites

This is one for the curious and more adventurous of eaters, as unless you are local to the area, this could be something you have never tried before! Alligator bites are exactly what they sound like they are. It is essentially a fresh Florida alligator served in small fried chunks that have been coated with cornmeal. You might wonder what alligators must taste like if you have not tried it before, and there is a common agreement that it tastes almost like chicken. However, Florida also likes to put their alligator in cheesecake, so maybe you should decide for yourself. 

Snapper Fish 

The snapper fish makes for a proud centerpiece in a dish in Orlando. Often hailed as some of the freshest fish you can get, you will find that in Orlando, most snappers will come straight from the sea onto your plate, inviting you to feel like you are on holiday within a holiday. As a consideration, be sure to choose restaurants that have ethically sourced snapper fish as its population has been known to plummet. 

Fresh Citrus

The sunshine state is well known for some of the tastiest citrus produce you can get worldwide. With its accommodating, warm climate and dedicated groves, Orlando can offer some of the best citrus fruits that you might have ever tasted. Oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits are grown to perfection and used in plenty of aromatic dishes and used to create fresh juice. Definitely worth a try!

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