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The Best Cities for Getting High and Looking at Art

Art and psychoactive substances tend to go hand in hand, so it makes sense that some of the most art-driven cities have also taken the time to legalize weed. If you are looking to elevate your stoner sessions, you might consider packing up and heading to one of the following cities where art and cannabis are readily available:

Boulder, Colorado

Despite being one of the smaller suburbs of Denver, Boulder is absolutely bursting with both bud and art. There are over 20 pot shops in Boulder and a whopping 40 galleries, dealers and museums devoted to art. After you get good and stoned in a cannabis lounge or your 420-friendly accommodations, you can spend a solid afternoon exploring the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art or the Dairy Arts Center. However, a smaller and trippier destination is the Phil Lewis Art Studio and Gallery, where Phil Lewis’s mesmerizing pieces will keep your stoner brain occupied for hours.

Richmond, Virginia

Over the past couple decades, Richmond has invested heavily in its contemporary artists. The result is that the city has developed one of the most beautiful collections of public mural art in the country. There are over 100 murals around the town, with the exact number increasing every couple months. Even better, Virginia is the latest state to legalize recreational cannabis consumption. Though there currently aren’t any regulations for legal dispensaries, if you can find bud, you will no doubt enjoy your high searching for as much street art as possible.

Chicago, Illinois

The Midwest is steadily improving its reputation for culture, and Chicago has been leading the charge for decades. Currently one of the only places in the Midwest with readily available recreational weed and a city that places firm emphasis on the importance of art, Chicago is an art-loving stoner’s dream vacation destination. After you pick up your pot products from a Chicago dispensary, you should head straight to the Art Institute of Chicago, which is the second-largest art museum in the country with over 300,000 pieces, from the modern to the ancient.

San Francisco, California

Perhaps it isn’t surprising that San Francisco has made this list, as a city well-known for both art and weed. Most stoners have been to San Francisco at least once to enjoy its bounty of bud and beautiful artworks, so you should make yourself a challenge for your next trip. Instead of going to the standard tourist destinations for art like the San Francisco MoMA or the de Young Museum, you should search for art elsewhere. In a city as large as San Francisco, there is plenty of beauty to behold, especially when you are under the influence of a creative drug like cannabis.

Berkeley, California

While you are visiting San Francisco, you might devote a few days to exploring nearby Berkeley. The Berkeley Art Museum boasts an impressive and diverse collection, from Ming and Qing dynasty Chinese paintings to works of European old masters and even some contemporary work from UC Berkeley students. However, the museum is best known for its 16,000-piece film archive. You might plan your visit around the museum’s calendar, to make sure you are appropriately stoned for a showing of an artistic flick, or you might rent a historic film from the museum’s archive to stream in the comfort of your own 420-friendly accommodations.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale has a bit of everything you could want on any vacation: beautiful weather, luxurious resorts, outdoor recreation, an abundance of art and adult-use weed. If you are visiting in the winter months, you could spend several days exploring Old Town Scottsdale, which boasts over 100 art galleries and over 100 pieces of public art. If you are visiting during the summer, you might be wiser to spend your time in the A/C-cooled Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, which has some fascinating and interactive exhibits perfect for stoners.

Washington, D.C.

Despite being the home of the Federal Government, which is notoriously still anti-weed, Washington, D.C. passed recreational cannabis regulations ages ago. If you can get your hands on some bud — which can be obtained with a “donation” to a smoke shop or smoke charity — and consume it in private accommodations, you should be able to drift around the national monuments and museums without getting into trouble with the Feds. There are so many art museums to choose from in the nation’s capital, so if you only have time for one, you can’t go wrong with the Hirshhorn Museum, with its collection devoted to 21st-century innovators.

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