The Best Beaches in Oman and Where to Stay

Oman is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Gulf to have a quick beach getaway. For international tourists, it is somewhat of an unexplored paradise. You can find pristine beaches where human civilization has not yet made an intrusive appearance to spoil the natural beauty. Best beaches in Oman, recommendations on where to stay, and useful information for the area. Look at the complete guide with the best beaches in Oman.

Alongside this, there are several small islands along the coastline. This allows you to escape the city life and go on exciting adventures along these stunning sections of paradise. The coastline is 1700 km long, and most of the beaches are open to the public. Let’s explore some of the best beaches in Oman and the stunning resorts that reside by them.

best beaches in oman

The Best Beaches in Oman and Resorts

Golden sands, glowing crystal waters, clear blue skies, colorful birds and breezy weather: Oman is a perfect place to relax and enjoy an unforgettable beach vacation. Because everyone loves to be surrounded by natural beauty, we have gathered this list of the most beautiful beaches that Oman has to offer. With a thriving tourist industry, there are also a number of Oman beach resorts situated at most of the locations. 

You can find a huge range of different beaches in Oman. This is what makes it the perfect beach destination for solo travelers and families alike. Various natural conditions make every beach in Oman a very special place.

For example, there are some beaches that are tucked away and perfect for secluded sunbathing or the more famous turtle beaches. Here, tourists flock every year to see the famous turtle hatching season. There are beaches perfect for quiet and busy holidays alike. 

Beaches and Beach Resorts in Oman

Here are some of the beaches and beach resorts in Oman where you can play, swim, and sunbathe as much as you want:

  • Aviation Beach or Shell Beach: 
    • Crowne Plaza Muscat
    • InterContinental Muscat
  • Al Mughsayl Beach
    • Darbat Hotel
    • Qurum Beach
    • Crowne Plaza Muscat
    • InterContinental Muscat
  • Bandar Jissah
    • Shangri La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa – Al Bandar Hotel
  • Marjan Beach
    • Crowne Plaza Muscat
    • InterContinental Muscat
  • Ras al Hadd Beach
    • Turtle Beach Resort
  • Al Saswadi Beach
    • Al Sawadi Beach resort and spa
  • Al Bustan Beach
    • Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Beach Resort
  • Dhofar Beach
    • Star House 
    • Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara 

What is safety like on the Oman beaches?

Oman as a country is very friendly to tourists, and the local people are some of the nicest you can find. However, being an Islamic country there are some customs to do with dress and behavior that would be respectful to follow. If you follow these rules and stay within certain boundaries and social restrictions, you will find that you you will cause no social issues. 

Safety Tips

Here are some tips that you can use to stay safe when visiting beaches in Oman:

Dress Conservatively

Dresscode is the main cultural difference that you will encounter and have to adapt to. As the country is very hot, it may be tempting to bring out shorts and sleeveless tops. This is advised against in public areas as due to religion, Omanis cover most of their body, and tourists who do not follow this make them uncomfortable. The general rule of getting dressed applies to both men and women. Generally, you must keep your legs up to knees and arms up to elbows covered.

It is acceptable to wear a swimming costume while in the water, but you are expected to wrap a sarong or something similar around your body when you get out of the ocean. Bikinis are frowned upon in public beaches, and if worn, they should not expose too much skin. Tiny tops or thongs are best to be avoided. 

Men should wear shorts rather than swimming briefs. If you are staying in one of the beach resorts that have a private beach, then it is okay to wear whatever you like. If you are unsure of how to dress, just take a look around and see how the other people on the beach have dressed.

Look at the Category of Beaches

There are rules and regulations for beaches in Oman regarding the users of the beach. For example, there are beaches which are exclusively for families, so you should not go to these as a couple or solo traveler. Be sure to research the beaches before you arrive. 

Don’t Consume Drugs 

There is zero tolerance for drugs in Oman irrespective of whether you are possessing drugs or trafficking them. There are severe punishments for those who consume or sell drugs in the country. Even if you possess a small amount for personal use, it can land you in jail for up to a year. So, make sure you do not carry any illegal substance on the Oman beaches or anywhere else in the country.

Photography with Caution

Exercise caution while taking photos of military or government buildings on or near the Oman beaches. While taking selfies or photographs of your group, try to avoid taking other people on the beach. Since they are conservative people, you may end up having a bad fight with them for taking their photographs.

No Drones

Flying any kind of recreational drone will attract a penalty of as much as three years in jail in Oman. The authorities have imposed this law due to several problems arising from recreational drones flying too near the airport buildings and flight paths of aeroplanes.

Less LGBT Friendly 

As an LGBT traveller, you should always see if the country is friendly towards the group. Oman legally is not, as homosexuallity is iligal and punishable with a prison sentence of up to three years. However, they are more friendly than most Gulf states and if you don’t practice PDA then you will be fine. PDA is illegal in Oman in general so all couples should follow this. 

No Alcohol in Public

The age to drink alcohol legally in Oman is 21 years. It is also an offense to drink alcohol in public or be drunk in public. So, enjoy your time on an Oman beach, but don’t drink alcohol there.

Visit Oman

It has never been easier to visit Oman as a tourist. The Government of Oman recently introduced electronic visas for most nationalities, including the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. Visitors traveling to Oman are now able to secure an e-Visa online, completing an application from the comfort of their own home and then receive the e-visa via email. Get your Oman visa today and enjoy the wondrous beaches it has to offer. 

Last Updated on May 11, 2022

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