Best Beaches In Ischia, Italy You Can’t Miss

Situated on the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, and the largest of the Phlegrean Islands, Ischia, Italy is known for its gorgeous beaches. The island offers around 34 kilometers of coastline in total, with no shortage of picturesque beaches featuring golden sand, limestone cliffs, and clear blue waters. Ischia is also a volcanic island packed with mineral-rich, healing thermal springs – some of them even flowing straight into the sea. You can make the most of your trip to Ischia by checking out some of the best beaches the island has to offer.

Houses on a small cliff island near the water in Ischia Italy

Fungo beach

Located in the heart of the municipality of Lacco Ameno, Fungo beach is literally unmissable. It’s also known as mushroom beach thanks to the huge mushroom-shaped rock that sits on the shoreline – one of the island’s most iconic landmarks. The beach itself is small, featuring golden sand, and a shallow seabed that provides easy entry into the water; it’s therefore a child-friendly destination. Fungo beach is also extremely accessible, as it’s easily reached via the island’s main road. And, when you’re ready to explore the town, Lacco Ameno’s charming bars, restaurants, and shops are just a few short steps away.  

Fisherman’s Beach

Fisherman’s Beach (also known as Spiaggia dei Pescatori) is a picturesque beach definitely worth a visit. Once reserved just for fishermen, the beach is now an extremely popular destination for sunbathing and swimming, while wooden fishing boats moored on the sand still remain a common sight today. To the east of Fisherman’s beach lies Aragon Castle, a popular medieval fortress accessed by a stone bridge. A visit here can provide a fascinating glimpse into the region’s historic past. And, if you’re looking for a luxurious place to stay locally, Ischia offers no shortage of fine seaside hotels. The Mezzatorre Resort & Spa, for example, is a five-star hotel with its very own private cove. Situated on a magnificent cliffside, the Mezzatorre provides stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea across to Napels.

Maronti beach (Barano d’Ischia)

One of the largest beaches in Ischia, Maronit beach is a gorgeous stretch of sand spanning roughly three kilometers. A small part of the beach belongs to the municipality of Serrara Fontana, while the rest belongs to Barano d’Ischia. Although the name “Maronti” means “quiet beach” in Greek, the beach tends to be a popular destination today, and is rarely free from crowds. Maronti beach is surrounded by gorgeous hills, as well as rocks and caves featuring bubbling thermal springs. Here, you can while away the afternoon sunbathing on the soft, golden sand, with sunbeds, deckchairs, and umbrellas also available to rent. Maronti beach is easy to reach – either via the road from Barano, or even by water taxi departing from Sant’Angelo. 

If there’s one thing Ischia is known for, it’s its stunning, picturesque beaches. Whether you visit Fungo beach, Fisherman’s beach, Maronti beach, or even all three, you’re bound to have an unforgettable time.

Last Updated on June 27, 2023

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