The Best Beach Toys for Children

Going on holiday is always exciting for the whole family, especially when there’s a beach involved. While children love the beach, you’ll need to take along some toys to keep them entertained. It doesn’t matter how old your little ones are, playing on the beach is something that’s guaranteed to give them hours of fun. If you’re looking for new ways to keep kids entertained, Wicked Uncle has a huge range of gifts for boys and girls by age, so you can always find something they’ll love. If you’re looking for ways to keep kids entertained, Wicked Uncle has a huge range of Beach Toys for kids, so you have something they’ll love. you’re looking for ways to keep kids entertained, Wicked Uncle has a huge range of gifts for kids, so you have something they’ll love.

Beach Toys for Children

Sandcastles Galore

The first thing children want to do at the beach is to build a sandcastle. It’s something of a universal constant, so a bucket and spade are going to be essential for any beach trip. But why stop at a regular round shape? Choose your kids a wide range of molds so they can really get creative. Whether they love turreted princess castles or want to build a sand bear, there’s a specially-made sand toy out there for them.

Get Active

One of the joys of a beach holiday is how active the family can be together. It’s tempting to just sit back and relax while your kids dig around in the sand, but toys like balls and rackets can get everyone moving for a whole lot of fun. When there’s a strong sea breeze, a kite can work like a treat too.

You could choose a traditional game such as badminton or opt for something different, like diabolo. This game requires a bit of skill to get going, but your kids will love flinging it into the air as high as they can. When you’ve tired yourself out, some juggling balls can be a great solo toy to keep kids entertained while you rest your legs.

Don’t Forget to Swim

Some kids are reluctant to get more than just their feet wet in the ocean, but toys can have them splashing around in no time. Inflatables shaped like dragons or unicorns will have them feeling safer and more excited, even if the water is cold. For more adventurous kids, a mini snorkel or underwater camera can help them hunt for interesting pebbles and fish.

Education Everywhere

Holidays are for having fun, but you can find learning opportunities all over the beach. A basic metal detector can have children scouring the sands for lost treasure, but they could learn a thing or two along the way. Similarly, a small net and guidebook can make hunting through the rock pools a lot more enjoyable. Kids could make sketches of any interesting creatures and shells that they find, feeling just like a famous explorer.

Travel-Friendly Fun

Don’t forget, you’re likely to have a car journey to and from the beach. While your kids might be tuckered out for the drive home, it’s always handy to have a pack of cards or tin of travel-friendly games children can play in the back seat. It’ll stave off a good few rounds of I Spy at least!

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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