The Best Airlines to Travel in 2024

After the pandemic finally seems to cease, we can’t help but plan our holidays. And when it comes to holidays, there is only one way to travel around the world – via airplanes. Since last year, airplanes and airlines have gone through loads of changes. There are certain airlines that you might want to avoid while traveling. Let us jump into the list of the best airlines to travel.

Best Airlines to Travel in 2022

There are certain airlines that you might want to avoid while traveling. On the other hand, other airlines have changed for the better and have integrated more room, better food, great ambiance, and comfy flights, such as the Cathay Pacific. You will need to learn about all the visa requirements and have all the proper documents before you can travel to another country. For example, you should know everything there is to know about Ethiopia visa if you are planning to visit this country. 

The Cathay Pacific Airways

Not only has this airline received five stars from the passengers, but it also stands out from other airlines regarding the airport quality, staff service, and onboard services and products. When it comes to onboard products and services, we refer to cleanliness, amenities, seating arrangements amenities, food, beverages, etc. 

That said, if you have plans to go on a world tour, you can enjoy better flexibility with Cathay Pacific Airways. There are, however, certain terms and conditions applicable to avail unlimited flight changes; you may want to visit their website for more details. 

Cathay Pacific Airways also has exceptionally great economy seats. 

The Delta Air Lines

You will love Delta airlines if you are a sucker for new ultra-modern planes. You can fly anywhere with Delta airlines since these airways offer more than 325 world destinations around the globe. These airlines also partner up with SkyTeam. SkyTeam offers more than 1000 global destinations, which means that you can potentially travel anywhere in the world with Delta Airlines. 

Besides, if you hate missing out on flights and reaching late to your destinations, Delta Airlines will never disappoint you. According to statistics that have been derived from DoT (Department of Transportation), out of all the major American Airlines, Delta Airlines is the most punctual of all. 

The Emirates

Emirates Airways are amongst the best international airlines of all time. It doesn’t matter which place or region you visit on the globe; you will find many international travelers swearing on the high-quality of Emirates that is also the top Dubai-based airline of all times. 

It doesn’t matter which class you are traveling to, it might be the business class or economy, even in a private suite, and you will find the comfiest seats and the comfiest place in the sky. You might not be familiar with the fact that the cabin crew of the Emirates airways undergo nearly eight weeks of vigorous training to excel in safety and onboard service. 

The onboard service of the Emirates airplanes has no parallel. You don’t even have to speak to a crew member – they will ensure that you have a comfortable flight and enjoy your time in the sky. Emirates airlines have been winning the award for the best onboard entertainment for the last 15 years. 

If you are looking for entertainment, news, sports, and cinematic movies, you won’t find a better option than the Emirates while traveling to your desired destinations. This airline is the king of the cinema world; you will find nearly 900 films onboard. Besides, the airlines boast more than 3500 television channels that are available on nearly 70% of their aircraft. 

The Southwest Airlines

If you are looking for comfort but don’t want to break the bank, you are all set with the American airlines known as Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines is the favorite of many national and international travelers due to its friendly and professional crew. The same goes for canceling a ticket. Simultaneously, you can check two luggage bags without paying extra charges. 

If you become a loyal flier with Southwest Airlines, you can earn the badge of “Buy 1 Get 1 Free.” As we mentioned earlier, many airlines have made changes to accommodate their passengers better; the same goes for Southwest Airlines as they offer more destinations and fly farther than before. 

If you plan to visit the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, or Mexico this summer, we recommend that you book your ticket(s) today and fly with Southwest Airlines.

The Qatar Airlines

If you plan to vacation with your kids, you will like to travel with Qatar Airlines. The Qatar airlines fly to over 160 global destinations and cover most regions in the USA, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. If you happen to be from a cosmopolitan family, and you love to travel with style, Qatar Airlines are a definite way to make your travel style really stand out. 

If you plan to travel with an infant, you will receive priority on Qatar Airways. You will also get a special amenity kit that contains baby food, soft toys, diapers, and even a bottle. You can also reserve a bassinet seat for yourself if you are traveling with infants.

Qatar Airlines is specifically helpful and user-friendly for minors traveling unaccompanied by providing them with family escort services.

Final Thoughts

Getting a visa used to be a hectic process, but it’s no longer a problem. You can now get an electronic visa Ethiopia without having to take days off from work to get the permit to visit a beautiful country. If you have two airlines to choose from, we recommend going for the airline that offers the comfiest seats, better onboard entertainment, better drinks, and food. Also, if this is your first time traveling by air, you can opt for smaller airlines, especially inexpensive ones.

You have to make smart financial choices when choosing the right airline. While noting the fees structure of different airlines, you might want to pay attention to the baggage allowances, which can be higher than the base fares. It will do you no good to choose an airline that will make you re-pack your luggage while you change the airplane.

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

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