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The Benefits of Red Light Therapy Panels

Red light therapy panels can solve any type of skin-related issues just by using red light with a low wavelength. Many experts even believe this therapy can help with various skin conditions, scarring, and aging symptoms like age spots and wrinkles.Red light therapy has been a great cure to various problems.Here, I’ll focus on the benefits you can get from red light therapy and skin care.

Even there are pieces of evidence where red light therapy has been a great cure to various problems. But I’ll always recommend you to see a doctor before you start using this device, as this therapy might even cause problems to your skin. So make sure that this therapy is right for you before you use it!


Red light therapy

How Red Light Therapy Works?

It’s a straightforward procedure to use red light therapy. This therapy will expose your body to a low wavelength red light. And this particular light is the miracle of curing skin conditions. 

Red light from this device can very easily penetrate deep down to your skin, how it helps where your body cells will absorb this light and use it to cure your condition. 

In a study, it has been discovered that the moment these body cells start to absorb light energy, it actually gets stored in the mitochondria of the cells, which is the powerhouse of the cells. 

Many experts claim that this extra energy can even help the cells repair damages and rejuvenate themselves. Yet, much more research still needs to be conducted to have an elaborate and proper idea of this therapy. 

With that said, in the section below, you’ll be read all the potential benefits that you might get from taking red light therapy. 

  1. Improves Your Skin Health

Many people are so fond of red light therapy panels because it can actually help you to improve your skin health. 

Any high-quality and authentic RLT ( red light therapy) can contribute to regenerating and repairing your damaged cells. In a study, it has been found that RLT can help to regenerate your skin by:

  • increasing the production of collagen in your skin, and this gives your skin the elasticity it needs
  • increasing the production of fibroblast, and this helps them to produce collagen and various other issue fibres
  • helps to increase blood and tissue cells circulation
  • protecting your cells from damage
  • increasing the amount of mRNA in your cells, this helps your cells to get stimulated
  • improving your facial textures
  • reducing the number of fibers of fine lines 
  • reducing severe wrinkles in your face

But keep in mind to be regular with your therapy as only then can you see drastic changes within your face!

  1. Improves Your Acne

In few research studies, it has been found that RTL can help you take control of your acne issues

Sunlight can alter the behavior of the sebaceous gland. These glands produce sebum, which can clog the facial pores and result in the outbreak of acne. 

This has been one of the significant issues for many patients, and finally, scientists came up with the solution that light therapy can be the ultimate help to this. 

Red light therapy itself is a combination of other treatments like blue light therapy; it’s one of the effective treatments for your acne vulgaris. 

This light appears to penetrate deep down into your skin and can affect sebum production, which can help in reducing irritation and inflammation.

  1. Wound Healing

Red light therapy can even help you to speed up the healing process of your wounds. 

The ways it speeds up the healing of your wounds are:

  • it reduces inflammation in your cells
  • it stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, which in medical terms is called angiogenesis
  • increases beneficial fibroblast in your skin
  • increases the production of collagen in your skin

Although, more studies are still being conducted to grasp more discoveries of this therapy. 

  1.  Hair Growth

In studies, it has been found that RLT had improved the hair density of many people. And in many cases, it has been proven that this therapy can even prevent extensive hair loss. 

Scientists suggest that users take this therapy regularly to see better results, and the wavelengths can be 665 nanometres and 808 nanometres.

However, more studies need to be done to get more information regarding this topic!

  1.  Reduces Pain

Red light therapy can actually be very effective in reducing pain in people with different conditions. 

In a various research, it has been found that RLT surely helps adults with various types of musculoskeletal disorders. And experts even state that in order to get accurate results, you need to very active and consistent with the therapies. 

Even athletes prefer this type of therapy as it can help them to recover fast and can even help them to stay fit before and after intense matches. 

  1. Develops Bone Recovery

Researchers were surprised to know that these red light therapies can even contribute to enhancing bone recovery.

Although the exact reason for this is still unknown to many scientists, to help them recover fast and even help them, this therapy can indeed do some magical cure to people with bone issues. 

However, some scientists claim that the reason is due to the variety in the wavelengths. When a particular wavelength reaches the bone, it gradually starts to recover the damaged and cracked portions of the bone. 

Bottom Line

Before you get yourself a red light therapy device, make sure that you know which type of product you are taking. I’ll recommend you take Platinum Light Therapy as they are still one of the most authentic suppliers of light therapy devices. 

In the end, before you take any such therapy device, make sure to seek the advice of a doctor as he can better tell you whether or not you’ll be needing any such devices for your condition. 

This is because there are times when red light therapy can cause irritation, so you need to know that before you start using it.

I hope this article will help you to know all the benefits of red light therapy!

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