Kawasan Falls in Cebu: Activities and Useful Information

The municipality of Badian in the Philippines is known for one very popular thing: Kawasan Falls. Cool and refreshing, the falls are a paradise for those who want to get intimate with nature. Read on to know more about one of the most Instagrammed spots in the province of Cebu, the Kawasan Falls.

Where are Kawasan falls located?

Located in Barangay Matutinao, at the foot of the Mantalongon Mountain Range, Kawasan Falls is famous for its cold, clear turquoise water. Kawasan Falls has three levels, with the upper-level ideal for canyoneering.

The source of the water is quite far from the second level. Kawasan Falls’ water originates from the Kandayvic Spring. Freshwater comes out of a small cave and pours over stones. From Kawasan Falls, the water then passes through Matutinao River and Tañon Strait.

The Beautiful Kawasan Falls in Cebu, Philippines

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is very recognizable. A lush forest of tropical plants inhabited by birds and even monkeys surround it. However, the place is usually photographed with people on board a huge bamboo raft, pulling themselves towards the waterfalls to enjoy its cool and refreshing waters cascading over their heads. It is the best place to stop by after whale watching in Oslob. If you take a peek at Oslob tour packages 2020, you will see Kawasan is a popular stopover.

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Kawasan Falls Activities

Activities you can try at Kawasan Falls include canyoneering and zip lining. One of the best ways to get to the falls is through a challenging canyoneering tour. You get to go on a thrilling adventure in the jungle before you get to the waterfalls, which would be a sight to behold and a refreshing reward after all the grueling canyoneering you did.

Should you opt to walk directly to Kawasan Falls, from the road, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the place. You will be greeted by the sight of the first waterfall, which is the famous one. You will find a restaurant right next to the falls. If you intend to swim on the first waterfall, it is advisable to do so upon arrival, as the area will be mobbed later in the day. A lot of people love to frequent this place.

Continue walking to the left, and you will find stairs leading to the second level of Kawasan Falls as well as the third level. These two levels are less popular and are therefore quieter, perfect for those who opt for privacy and seclusion. The last level looks beautiful and serene. You get to enjoy the sight which includes butterflies fluttering about as well as the sound of nature such as the soft chirps of birds.

The Beautiful Kawasan Falls - What You Should Know

For those who are into nature-tripping, a tour around Kawasan Falls would be perfect for them. As one of the top sights in Cebu, the falls are an essential step that should be included in every itinerary. The internet is a great source for reputable tour agencies who can make your dream Cebu trip possible, and Island Trek Tours offers the most affordable Cebu tours. You should go check them out.

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit Kawasan Falls is between late December and early June, which is the dry season, as the period between late June and early December is a rainy season. Taking this bit of information into consideration, you should be able to properly plan your trip to the most famous falls in Cebu.

Last Updated on October 5, 2022

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