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The Antarctic – Extremes at the Southern End of the World

“Imagine a country the size of Australia and Europe put together. Sunnier than California and colder than a refrigerator’s freezer. Drier than Arabia and higher than Switzerland. Emptier than the Sahara. There is only one place in the world that fits this description: Antarctica – this strange but beautiful continent in the lowest part of the earth. ” (J. M. Dukert). Interesting Antarctic trip can be organized by Poseidon Expeditions and only give you positive and unforgettable emotions.

Antarctic trip

 Cruises into the Eternal Ice

Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places on earth, which is why it is so popular with extremists and travel fans. If you want to discover the world, this continent is for you. Such interesting Antarctic trips can be organized by Poseidon Expeditions and only give you positive and unforgettable emotions.

How is it organized?

Poseidon Expeditions is one of the world’s most famous companies that organizes expedition cruises to the polar region. It was founded in 1999 to give travelers the opportunity to visit the polar regions of the Arctic and best time to visit Antarctic with expedition ships. With the 114-passenger SEA SPIRIT, Poseidon was able to expand its range of expedition cruises to the Antarctic and the Arctic to Spitzbergen, Greenland, Franz Josef Land and Iceland. The company’s offices are located in Cyprus, China, Russia, Germany, the USA and England. All expeditions always start in the southernmost city in the world, in Ushuaia (Argentina). They continue through the Drake Passage, in which there are waves 10 meters high. You can also visit other extremes such as kayaking in the Southern Ocean or camping in the Antarctic. What every vacationer takes home from this very special trip are unforgettable impressions of a unique and indescribably beautiful polar region.

Clothing is very important

Standing on board a warm icebreaker in cold and windy conditions has to take the aspect of clothing very seriously. It is especially important to wear multi-layered clothing for such expeditions. In addition, ideal polar clothing has the following characteristics: it is both windproof and water-repellent, and relatively light in itself. The fabric of the clothing must be breathable thanks to its special structure and dry quickly – for example, wool is absolutely unsuitable for polar clothing. Polar jackets can be purchased from many websites on the Internet; you can sometimes borrow them on ships. Pants must also be waterproof. As for shoes, rubber boots are a perfect solution. They are not only very good against moisture, but also quite warm.

Conclusion: If you have any questions, the experts at Poseidon Expeditions are always ready to advise you on all the important nuances that need to be remembered. The professional organizers of the trip do everything necessary so that the tour company always feels comfortable and hassle-free. Visit this mysterious white wonder world that makes hearts beat faster! More articles about The Antarctic you can check at

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