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The 5 Best Small Towns In England To Visit

Choosing the best small towns in England to visit is not an easy task, there are so many beautiful places to go to. That’s why we have sorted and selected the 5 best small towns in England to visit.

England is a country with a rich, long history. That’s packed with exciting experiences and amazing destinations. Those best small towns in England to visit are some of the best places to explore. They have the capacity to surprise, excite and charm you.

From the old and ancient Stonehenge to the beautiful architecture. England has a wide range of small towns to appeal to each visitor.

Here are 5 Best Small Towns In England To Visit

1. Castle Combe, Wiltshire

5 Best Small Towns In England To Visit: Castle Combe
From Wikipedia

Placed within the Costwolds Area of Natural Beauty in Wiltshire. Castle Combe was home of a castle built in the 1100s, but this one has demolished centuries ago.

Called the most beautiful village in England by a lot of people and websites. Castle Combe is indeed amazing and beautiful. With its small roads and stunning architecture, this village is a must-go. Can you imagine sitting in hot water, drinking some champagne after a day of walking those beautiful streets? The Wood fired hot tubs are amazing for that, everyone loves them, and you should try them too!

2. Shaftesbury

5 Best Small Towns In England To Visit: Shasftesbury

Called “Golden Hill” by many. This town is one of the most warming and home feeling on the list. Located in Dorset, this one is the most significant hilltop in the place. It was built above 200 meters of sea level.
The perfect town for a photography session. Small streets with architecture built with bricks make this town one of the cutest on the list.

Many building in Shaftesbury still uses a thatched roof. Yeah! That’s cool. You’ll have a nice time exploring this town.

3. Lyndhurst, Hampshire

5 Best Small Towns In England To Visit: Lyndhurst

One of the biggest on the list, this large village is placed at the New Forest National Park in Hampshire. From hotels to pubs, all the way to museums and cafes. Lyndhurst is a must-go for tourists. A lot to do in the town, a lot to explore.

It is a nice place to go for a walk, camping or cycling. You’ll find everything you need on a trip here, a lot of places to visit and a lot of activities to do.

Famous and called “The Capital of The Forest” since William The Conqueror set the area and designed it as the total hunting ground. Have been visited by kings and queens.

4. Lavenham

5 Best Small Towns In England To Visit: Lavenham

With remarkable streets and medieval architecture. This town comes straight out of a fantasy movie. Back in the medical days, this village was among the wealthiest towns in England.

From an amazing Guildhall to an old 15th-century church, this town will leave you speechless. The stunning landscapes make this town an excellent option to take a walk around and explore.

5. Hawkshead

5 Best Small Towns In England To Visit: Hawkshead
From VisitCumbria

Close to the South Lakeland area, this town is a magnet for tourists, and you should definitely take a look around it. With a church and charming citizens, this town will make your trip worth it. Don’t forget to grab your fudge and enjoy!

Conclusion on the best small towns in England to visit

That’s it for today, those were the best small towns in England to visit, take a look, a walk or a camp. This can be the antidote to daily life. Breathe the clean air and explore.

England has a lot of cool medieval places full of history and different flavors that will not let anyone down. One of the amazing things about England is the weather, it changes so much and it’s so cold that you will not want to get out of the Hot tub! So, don’t forget to take a chance and relax.

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