5 Best Deep Sea Fishing Around the World

Fishing today has evolved into more than an ordinary pastime. Deep sea fishing has become more attractive and inviting to many fishing enthusiasts around the world. Anglers are in search of the best fishing charters to experience a fishing trip and have memories to last a lifetime. Five amazing places to visit from around the world if you are looking for some great deep-sea fishing. Here, you will learn Deep Sea Fishing

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced fisherman, if you’re looking for destinations to enjoy offshore fishing, consider a deep sea fishing charter and let the experts show you how to find and catch the big fish.

Best Deep Sea Fishing Charters Around the World

5 Deep Sea Fishing in the World

  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Known for year-round fishing, Cabo San Lucas is considered the Marlin Capital of the World and has the best sport fishing waters. The Golden State Bank is said to be the best site for deep-sea fishing in San Lucas, which is 15 miles north of the marina.

Aside from its abundance of marlin and tuna, Cabo is also the best spot to catch sailfish, roosterfish, billfish, wahoo, dorado, groupers, and more. Cabo offers a variety of fishing charters that offer everything from deep sea fishing to diving and spearfishing trips.

Moreover, you can do many types of fishing, including:

  • Trolling – a combination of artificial lures, live bait, and teasers (the most popular)
  • Bottom Fishing – to target groupers and snappers who live deep in the sea near the ocean floor
  • Jigging
  • Popping
  • Fly Fishing

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  1. Port Aransas, Texas

The spring and summer months are optimal in Port Aransas, Texas, with its perfect beaches for your vacation. But lying on the beach isn’t the only activity you can enjoy in Port Aransas. Since it’s the only established town on Mustang Island that has the longest barrier islands along the Texas coast spanning nearly 18 miles, you can do a lot of outdoor activities.

This gulf coast island offers fun year-round activities such as sports fishing, deep-sea fishing, dolphin watching, birding, parasailing, and kayaking. A deep-sea fishing trip in Port Aransas involves venturing out into the Gulf of Mexico where you can catch a wide variety of fish, including king fish, red snappers, marlin, and tuna.

When the best fishing in world, you can start early until you’re satisfied. Also, the guides can take you to their favorite spots based on their years of experience. Port Aransas can definitely give you a worthy deep sea fishing adventure.

  1. Florida Keys, Florida

Have a great catch of snapper, marlin, kingfish, tuna, wahoo, sailfish, swordfish, grouper, and more at the Florida Keys. It’s considered the Sports Fishing Capital of the world, attracting anglers all year.

Top fishing destinations such as Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, and Key West take you to the reef and blue waters for deep fishing, which are approximately 10 miles or fewer from shore. Some species of fish can be caught year-round, but not all. Nonetheless, here are the two best seasons for fishing tarpon and sailfish:

  • Tarpon fishing season comes in April through June.
  • Although sailfish are caught year-round, peak season comes in March and April.

Best Deep Sea Fishing Charters Around the World

  1. Guatemala

If you want to fish the best sailfish or billfish, this is the place to go. Guatemala is home to the world’s largest sailfish population, and at the same time is the billfish capital of the world. It’s able to maintain the vast population of these species through a conservation practice.

Its ocean topography and tides are suitable enough to bring in baitfish, which serve as prey for sailfish, marlin, dorado, and yellowfin tuna. Other abundant species of fish found here include dorado, wahoo, and roosterfish. Moreover, Guatemala implements little fishing pressure to ensure the population and prevent over-killing of fish, but the best thing is that you can fish year-round.

  1. The Bahamas

Known for its deep-sea predators such as marlin, tuna, and sharks, the Bahamas has the best destinations for daring anglers who wish to catch fish five times heavier than them. You can also have the best deep-sea fishing destinations around the world in its areas such as Bimini, Berry Islands, Exuma Sound, and Rum Clay. The best months to catch a variety of fish such as blackfin and yellowfin tuna, amberjack, grouper, white marlin, and mahi-mahi are from April to June of the year.


There are many offshore fishing destinations to choose from.  Each destination offers unique fishing experiences. Fish varieties vary by season. Check with the fishing charter company in your desired location to get a better idea of the best times to go, especially if you’re looking for specific fish species.

It’s essential to take weather into account when planning your fishing trip. In the winter months, water can be choppy and temperatures cold. Keep this in mind for any fishing trip and don’t forget the sunscreen as well as motion sickness medication or patches if you easily get seasick.

Last Updated on July 1, 2023

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