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The 10 Nicest Motorhome European Destinations

Anyone who is comfortable with traveling in a motorhome has probably experienced beautiful scenes during their trips. However, if you want to encounter the most spectacular views, choose European destinations as your next travel destination. In this article, we have mapped out the hippest, most exciting and adventurous European routes.Ten best places to visit in Europe if you are looking for the perfect motorhome road trip.Learn all about the top European destinations.

Motorhome European Destinations

Best Motorhome European Destinations

1. The Danish islands

Denmark is a country with more than 400 beautiful islands and is visited by many travelers for island hopping. Perhaps it seems uncomfortable while traveling with a motorhome, but we highly encourage you to explore beautiful Danish islands. All routes are suitable for motorhomes, so the journey will go smoothly.

2. Berlin in Germany

Going on a motorhome holiday doesn’t always mean that you have to go into nature. If you don’t like that and would rather enjoy city life, visit Berlin. Near the city, there is a motorhome park called Wohnmobilpark. You can leave your vehicle there as the city center is easily accessible by metro. Berlin is worth visiting due to its beautiful market square, various monuments blended with modern buildings, and multicultural atmosphere. If you’re looking for a vehicle suitable for such a trip, visit Oaktree Motorhomes website.

3. The Croatian coast

Croatia has a lot to offer for motorhomes enthusiasts. In the summer months, the temperature there is between 25 and 30 degrees, making it very suitable for a sunny holiday. Croatia is also ideal for nature lovers. The scenes of the country are varied: a long coastline, many islands, but also waterfalls, cliffs, rivers, hills and mountains. Just a perfect European destinations for a motorhome lover.

4. Road trip through Poland

From hip cities to beautiful landscapes filled to the brim with mountains, wild animals and small villages – Poland has it all! There are also many historical sites where you can learn about the history of the country. Ideal for a road trip. We especially advise you to visit Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, and Gdańsk.

5. Portugal

One of the cheapest European Destinations is Portugal. The weather here is nice all year round. Most parking spaces for motorhomes are free. Staying overnight is, therefore, a piece of cake! Would you like to enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach? Then go to Praia Amode. You can also surf all day long there.

6. Discover the beautiful Balkans

The countries on the Balkans are working hard to be attractive to tourists from Western Europe. Countries such as Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro are certainly worth a visit. They offer reasonably cheap holidays and they are jam-packed with beautiful nature and stunning landscapes. The Balkans can be reached by boat from Italy or across the European mainland. In the latter case, you do make the necessary kilometres, but nothing prevents you from interrupting your motorhome journey. After all, you have your own accommodation with you.

7. Wild Atlantic Way in Western Ireland

More than 2600 kilometres, the Wild Atlantic Way leads along the Irish coast. It ranges from Kinsale to Inishowen and offers phenomenal views of a landscape formed by the rough seas. The path leads through small villages on the coast and over and over legendary monuments. Wherever the sea meets the land for millions of years, it created a rugged landscape, alternating bays, islands and cliffs. The exceptional climate and the solitude of the Atlantic make this tour so unique.

8. Atlanterhavsveien

This Norwegian route passes through eight islands that have been connected by bridges since 1989. Right and left raging the sea, while the road leads quietly over it. So that the ships can pass under the bridge, it swings in the middle 23 meters high.

9. Hringvegur in Iceland

As Iceland is an island, it goes without saying that you can entirely tour it in your motorhome. Hringvegur spans 1300 kilometers around Iceland and offers a wealth of attractions, including a magnificent geyser field and a 30-meter high waterfall. The route can be excellently used in the summer months, but who is here in the fall, has a real chance to experience polar lights.

10. Route des Grandes Alpes

From Lake Geneva to the Côte d’Azur, the route of the Grandes Alpes offers unforgettable experiences. On its 700 kilometers, it will cover a total of 15,700 vertical meters and 16 high alpine passes will be crossed, six of which are above 2,000 meters above sea level. It is possible to visit this route from June to about mid-October. In addition to spectacular views, former military installations are in sight.


Anyone who chooses a motorhome holidays resolutely draws the map of freedom. Travel at your own pace, go wherever you want. Such a way of traveling is becoming more and more popular nowadays. That is why we hope that after reading this article, you will visit some of these above mentioned motorhome destinations.

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