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Thailand – Tips for the Independent Traveler

If you are currently considering taking a solo trip to Thailand, kudos! Thailand’s popularity with tourists has been on the rise of late. It is a favorite destination in Asia for lone travelers, families, and groups of friends. Thailand’s unique attractions, mesmerizing landscapes, and ancient culture all draw visitors from around the globe.Tips for the Independent Traveler searching for a new and exciting adventure in Thailand, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

Tips for the Independent Traveler

  1. Stay at Hostels to Make Friends in Thailand

The country is, without a doubt, one of the greatest backpacking destinations. Hence, you will come across thousands of hostels all around the country. Many hostels are incredibly clean, comfortable, and safe. Hostels are also often located in convenient areas for tourists.

Book hostel stays in advance. There are several dedicated booking apps available. Get ready to not only save money on accommodation but also make new friends there. Thai hostels are widely known to be excellent places to meet new people. Fellow solo travelers can soon become travel partners. Many experienced backpackers can help you find your way. Consider hostels when booking accommodations.

  1. Maximize Your Free Time on the Road in Thailand

Thailand has an incredibly well developed transportation system. Traveling between regions is fairly easy for any budget. This means that you will most likely spend  time on buses, trains, or inside airport terminals during long layovers. Use the free time to brush up on some basic Thai phrases used to greet the locals. Make sure you pack an interesting book to read. You’ll find Wifi accessible in many transport hubs of Thailand. Take a tip from the locals and try PUBG online while you wait. The game is incredibly popular with Thai’s gamers.

  1. Volunteer or Work at a Hostel

Traveling on a tight budget? Many Thai hostels will offer odd jobs to backpackers in exchange for their stay with them. Check out the World Packers app or the Global Work and Travel service and search for volunteer jobs. You could enjoy a unique travel experience. You’ll be making a positive impact on the local community and saving money. The apps will allow you to get in touch with millions of welcoming hosts and fellow travelers from all corners of the world in Thailand.

Many solo travelers in Thailand choose to join such volunteer programs. Teaching English is also a popular choice for many looking to afford a longer stay in Thailand. Remember to check on the Visa information for volunteering. Depending on where you volunteer, it may require a different type of visa

.Tips for the Independent Traveler

  1. Get Medical Insurance

In the pre-pandemic era, tourists visiting Thailand were not required to get medical insurance. Things are different today. Travelers are no longer given a choice. Foreign visitors are required to get medical insurance and provide proof to cross into Thailand. All tourists must provide proof of insurance covering Covid-19, as well as a minimum of $100,000 USD. Take some time, do your research, and opt for the most suitable medical insurance to match your needs.

  1. Learn How to Ride a Scooter

Along with tuk-tuks, scooters are a primary means of transportation in Thailand. Renting a scooter here is a cheap way of moving around without having to depend on fixed schedules. Plus, it will give you the chance to discover some truly unique and secluded beaches. Most are not accessible using standard means of transportation. Once you have your scooter ask the locals to tell you about where to go.

If you aren’t comfortable on a scooter, think about opting for a songthaew. Locals use these small trucks as a form of cheap public transportation. A scooter or a songthaew could also help you move in and out of Bangkok as often as you will need to as part of your itinerary. Bangkok is known for being an important hub for any type of travel in the country. As a lone traveler here, you should familiarize yourself with the phrase “back to Bangkok” in no time.

Finally, remember to pack light, grab plenty of memory cards and backup batteries for all your devices. Plan in advance and make the most of your trip. Thailand is an excellent destination for lone travelers. Take a chance and plan your next solo trip to Thailand.

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