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The Growing Popularity for Thailand Medical Tourism

People all over the world are better educated in respect of their personal health and well being than ever before. Governments, medical establishments and pressure groups now lay bare the facts of neglecting health issues. There is no doubt that effectively dealing with health problems, not only prolongs life, but improves life quality and reduces any worrying concerns for the individual and their loved ones.Why Thailand medical tourism has been growing in popularity lately.Learn all about things that are making people travel for health care.

Across the world, more and more people feel disenfranchised by their own domestic medical services. This can be for numerous reasons, but the fact is that people are now becoming more mobile in their search for the very best medical treatment at realistically affordable prices.

Thailand Medical Tourism

Why Thailand Medical Tourism is Becoming Popular

Why Travel for Health Care

It would seem incongruous that anyone would neglect their health, although this is the case. But in reality, the neglect is not always voluntary. Nationals in many countries face insurmountable barriers to maintaining their health. Many residents of countries with state systems of health care face long wait for essential, and even rudimentary, treatment. Also, many treatments and drugs are governmental restricted, largely due to cost.

Health insurance premiums in many countries are price prohibitive for large swathes of the population, and they are usually financially capped. Few, if any, policies are open ended as to the financial costs of medical treatment. The alternative is to pay privately for treatment, again, this can be price prohibitive.

As an example, the typical price for non-surgical treatment for a broken forearm in New York is $2,500. For a knee replacement in the UK a patient may have a 2-year wait, or at a private hospital in London face a cost of 15,000 Pounds. These typical situations lead many to seek cheap, often substandard treatment. This, rather than improving health, can in fact lead to further problems with a person’s health and well being.

Given such circumstances, it is understandable that so many people now seek treatment in alternative locations around the world. Treatment seekers look for quality medical care and affordable costs, along with a welcoming and pleasing environment within which to reside, even if it is only for a short period of time. For more and more people this perfect scenario can be found in tropical South East Asia.

Thailand Leads the Health Care Industry

Cost, quality and accessibility now drive many thousands of people to seek medical care away from their home countries. Asia has become the favored area in the world for foreigners traveling in pursuit of medical procedures, with 90% of all Asia’s medical tourists choosing Thailand for their treatment.

Last year there were 3.3 million visits to Thai hospitals by foreigners, 900,000 of these visits were by residing expats, the remaining 2.4 million visits were by medical tourists. In addition to this, the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) has forecast a 16% year on year increase in the number of medical tourists coming to the country to enjoy a world class medical treatment at an affordable cost.

Thailand’s medical tourism industry has expanded immensely over the last 10 years, this is, in part, due to the Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA). This organization has not only supported and promoted the industry, but encouraged investment in innovation and highly skilled medical personnel. This, along with a simple drive to be the best, has made Thailand the world’s most sort after destination for medical tourists.

The Thai medical industry success is compounded with clients returning after their first exposure to treatment in the kingdom. However, the high level of satisfaction is not solely due to the excellent health care delivered by internationally trained staff. With hospitals strategically located for convenience, the private health care industry has evolved with foreign visitors specifically in mind.

Hospitals gear themselves towards a western style experience creating a comfortable familiarity for all their clients. Multiple language competence in hospitals is another key factor which builds confidence with foreign visitors. The entire product has been designed to be client friendly and is delivered with a compassionate efficiency that is, it would seem, unequalled anywhere in the world.

Choosing who to Deliver Your Treatment

In numerous editorials and subject specific articles, the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) has frequently acclaimed the quality of Thailand’s medical facilities and its personnel. The IMTJ lauds the skills and expertise of its medical practitioners as well as the affordability of surgical, non-surgical and cosmetic treatments.

So how can medical tourists be sure that they are trusting their health to a medical establishment that has the required expertise, equipment and standards to deal with their medical issues? Tourists seeking medical procedures should always select a medical establishment with Joint Commission International Accreditation.

JCI ‘Gold Standard’ accreditation is much sort after, but not easily attained with the bar being set very high. The Gold Standard accreditation is measured against the U.S. and U.K. standards for in, and out, patients receiving surgical and non-surgical treatments across the whole spectrum of medical care. To Thailand’s credit, it now has more than 60 medical facilities that are acknowledged as being of the JCI Gold Standard.

In addition to this, any chosen facility should have a standard recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Potential medical tourists should also seek testimonials from medical tourists and expats that have utilized individual facilities to gauge the level of satisfaction of particular establishments.

Accredited medical organizations with multiple facilities, excellent testimonials and references should be the first choice for all medical tourists. Private hospital groups are best placed to tick all the boxes, offering comprehensive care choices, the highest of international standards, convenience of location and the very best in affordability.

With 60 internationally accredited establishments, Thailand’s hospital groups lead the nation’s private medical care industry. These groups operate state-of-the-art ICU and CCU ambulance fleets and air ambulance services to 30 domestic airports.

With its well-located hospitals and multiple outreach clinics, it is no wonder that Thailand is rated in the world’s top 5 destinations for medical care by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance. The top 60 of the nation’s medical establishments are also accredited by the Childhood Asthma Program. A more complete, professional and affordable medical service is not available anywhere, the Land of Smiles is leading the world.

If you’re looking for the international hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, visit the Samitivej Hospital.

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