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Terramar Sports Review: Thermal Underwear for Kids

If you want to see how Microthermal material works as fun kids thermal underwear, tell them it’s super quick dry and watch the kids jump into them.

If you can believe it, Antigua Guatemala gets cold. Really cold – especially at night and during the early morning hours, right on time for school. I call where we live ‘desert weather’ it’s hot during the day, and then the weather drops so much at night that you are left shivering to the core.

Since my son fights with me day and night about putting on a sweater, I decided an alternative was a necessity. Searching for a solution, I found Terramar Sports. They specialize in thermal underwear, but not just any thermals. They are leading the way with engineered microthermal dual-layer clothes that to the touch feel silky and ultra-thin.

But the reality is, they are just plain fun!

Features of thermal underwear for kids by Terramar:

They are stylish. I know this is something totally unexpected. But my son has fallen in love with his microthermal pants and thermal shirt. To the point, he wears it to school during the day as the main shirt (on days he doesn’t have to use his uniform).

thermal underwear for kids

And at night uses it as a pajama, because it’s so warm.

kids thermal underwear


Dual Layered microthermal – the fabric is knit of spun and filament yarns, which helps trap air for insulation.  Keeping you warm and cozy with just a thin layer of cloth on you. A great thing for a kid who hates wearing too many clothes.

Qwik-Dri – this was the big selling point for my son! And we even tested it out. Originally he wanted me to dump a full glass of water on him like that’s going to happen, so we settled on a little bit of water. He was thoroughly in awe that it dried super quickly!

My Take On It

We are off to a ski trip really soon. Have you ever packed for one? Just the sweaters and pants take up an entire suitcase. With these thermals they roll up into the size of a tiny ball which barely takes up any space and I have a feeling this will keep my son warmer than most of his sweatshirts that he insists on dragging along with us.

Where to Buy Terramar Products

You can simply head over to their website and press buy. They have a great team of customer service reps. But you can also go to their Store Locator page and find a retailer right near you.

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