Tennis Betting Strategies

Tennis tournaments regularly throughout the year, making game outcomes easier to predict for tennis betting in comparison to football matches

To become proficient in making successful tennis bets, one should delve into the specifics of this sport. Major tennis is considered a highly dynamic and engaging game, capturing the interest of many, leading to a significant number of bettors.  

In the realm of bookmaking, tennis tournaments hold an advantage over football matches as they occur regularly throughout the year, making game outcomes easier to predict. Profits can be earned by betting tennis on any tournament if one understands the intricacies of the sport and employs well-known betting strategies.

One of the key factors that make tennis an appealing option for sports betting is the accessibility of data and statistics. With matches occurring regularly, a wealth of information is available for analysis, ranging from players’ historical performance on specific surfaces to their head-to-head records. This abundance of data empowers bettors to make well-informed decisions, enhancing the likelihood of successful predictions.

Tennis betting offers a unique blend of consistency and complexity, making it an intriguing avenue for those looking to engage in sports wagering. By immersing oneself in the wealth of available information, understanding the subtleties of the game, and implementing proven betting strategies, individuals can unlock the potential for profits

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The simplest and easily graspable strategies

Following tipsters with a long betting history is recommended. It is essential to follow a reputable specialist who treats this as a business, providing a level of confidence in achieving decent long-term profits.

Find an assistant who:

  • Has a betting history of no less than 500 bets.
  • Uses odds of no less than 1.60.
  • Has a Return on Investment (ROI) of more than 5-7%.

In team sports, knowing the key players is not enough. One must keep track of the tournament table,
player motivation, new coaches, team owners, etc.

Remember, while these strategies offer a starting point, successful tennis betting requires ongoing learning and adaptation. Stay informed about player developments, tournament dynamics, and any changes in playing conditions to refine your strategies over time.

A considerable number of comebacks during a match

Frequent turning points in a game not only provide fans with a surge of emotions but also delight experienced bettors. In men’s tennis, where the outcome often hinges on the power of serves and the
player’s unyielding attitude, comebacks are rare.

However, women’s competitions are characterized by numerous comebacks. Rarely does a match end with a 2:0 score; more often (approximately 65% of matches), players must compete in three sets to determine the winner. It happens that a female tennis player loses a set outright but then regains composure and wins two consecutive sets.

Types of bets in tennis

Parimatch offers a broad line-up for tennis events, especially those within prestigious tournaments (Grand Slam, ATP, WTA). In such matches, you can choose from various outcomes, including:

  • Match winner – the most basic bet where you bet on who will win
  • Set winner – betting on who will win the set
  • Game handicap – betting on a player with a handicap
  • Set handicap – giving or receiving a certain number of sets to one of the players before the match
  • Total sets in the match – betting on whether total number of sets played in a match will be over or under a specified number set by the sportsbook
  • Total games in a set – betting on whether total number of games played in a match will be over or under a specified number set by the sportsbook
  • Individual totals – wagers placed on the total number of specific outcomes achieved by one player in a match
  • Number of aces – wager on the total number of aces served by a particular player or both players combined
  • Number of double faults – similar to number of aces but betting on double faults instead
  • Combination bets (wins plus totals)

Systematic tennis bets should be combined with a popular financial strategy.

Tips for novice bettors

Beginners should initially test their skills with pre-match bets, as live betting is dynamic and requires some skill. The primary goal of a novice bettor is the continuous analysis of games, studying statistics and strategies, and collecting other information that can aid in making predictions. Intuition will inevitably
develop over time, but starting small is crucial.

For beginners in tennis sports betting, it’s crucial to start with simple and fundamental strategies before delving into more complex approaches.

This includes, a focus on players’ recent performances. Looking at their win-loss records, particularly on the specific surface of the upcoming match (hard court, clay, grass). And also, taking note of any recent injuries or health concerns that might impact a player’s performance.

Also analyzing the head-to-head records of the players. Some players may have a particular advantage or struggle against specific opponents. It’s also key to consider the surface on which previous matches were played, as performance can vary significantly across different court types.

But also very important is managing your bank roll and sizing your bets accordingly.

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Last Updated on November 23, 2023

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