Ten Unique Winery Experiences You Must Try Around The World

Whether you seek the sophistication that comes with fine dining and wine tasting or just seeking thrill while enjoying a glass of wine, the world has that perfect experience. You only need to travel to different parts of the world to enjoy the experience. If you want to learn more about wine and have a scenic wine tour of the famous Okanagan Valley, Kelowna Wine Tours has your back. Below we sample ten unique winery experiences you should try around the world. If you want to learn about wine and have a scenic wine tour, below we sample ten unique winery experiences you should try around the world.

Unique Winery

A wine tour includes visiting the vineyards and walking in the fields of the finest grape harvests. Visitors are brought to the wine production area to learn how fresh grapes are processed and aged in bottles before being sold. Typically, wine tours in renowned vineyards are popular in the United States.

So, if you’re heading to Texas, consider Barons Creek Vineyards. Also, states like Idaho, Nevada, and Florida take pleasure in their winemaking traditions. Aside from the United States, you can tour worldwide to taste the best wines and enjoy this winery experience. You can travel to Italy, Australia, and some Asian countries to savor the flavor and aroma of the finest authentic wines. But where can you exactly find unique winery experiences in the world?  

Below we sample ten unique winery experiences you should try around the world. If you want to learn about wine and have a scenic wine tour, below we sample ten unique winery experiences you should try around the world.

Unique Winery

Tank Garage Winery In  Napa Valley, California

The winery, known as the lubrication tank, is located in a former auto repair garage. It has tasty wines packaged in vintage bottles. The winery is built inside an abandoned gas station. It’s decorated with auto-related accessories, old Indian motorbikes, and old gas pumps.

Chocovino Experience In  Adelaide Hills, Australia

The wine and chocolate tasting experience in South Australia takes place at the Hahndorf Hill Winery. They pair wine tasting and gourmet chocolate for chocolate lovers. You also get to learn wine tasting in a boutique setting with alternative wines paired with internationally acclaimed chocolate.

Wine Bath In Umbria, Italy

Le Tre Vaselle Resort and Spa in Italy specializes in vinotherapy treatment. The five-star hotel uses grapes and their leaves for various treatments. You may decide to have a luxurious wine bath, a cold wrap with wine, a massage with grape seed oil, or a purifying scrub with red vine leaves.

Submarine Winery In San Francisco, California

The winery is located in a submarine vessel on an abandoned island. Guests can sip their wine underwater and explore the vessel built during the second world war to train submarine crews. The winery specializes in Italian wines, which you can enjoy downstairs or upstairs as you get a beautiful view of the bay.

Underwater Winery  In Croatia

This winery is located under water. A sunken boat is used as an underwater cellar, and here, wines are aged for up to two years in tightly corked amphorae. The owner of the Edivo Viva Winery believes that oceans improve the wine quality due to the silence and cool temperatures. If you wish to enjoy your glass of wine from the shores, you can still have access.

Cliff Top Winery In  Cuomo, Italy

The Marisa Cuomo winery in Italy is perched on a cliff which is 1300  feet above sea level. The dramatic winery located at the Amalfi coast has its wine cellar carved directly on the cliff. It overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and serves some of the finest white wines from Southern Italy.

Wine And Chili- La Cruces In  New Mexico

In Mesilla Valley, Mexico, they pair wine and chili tasting. The combination is believed to spice up life. Chili is served as sauce and is served in six different flavors. You get to sample red chili, green chili, jalapeno, chipotle, habanero, and crushed red pepper. These are served with three red and three white wines.

Wine Squirting In  St Augustine, Florida

At the annual St. Augustine Spanish wine festival celebrated in St. Augustine, Florida, you get to enjoy lavish wine paired with Spanish dishes. The festival culminates into the grand tasting which entails 120 different wines to choose from. They have Spanish chefs and winemakers who teach Spanish cooking and wine-making classes during the festival. The festival’s crowning moment has 2000 participants wear white and squirt red wine on each other.

Wine On Tap Experience In Boise, Idaho

If you want to taste some of the world’s renowned wines without breaking a bank, head to Bodovino town in Boise. The Wine On tTap experience is the largest, with over 144 wine varieties to choose from. You can sample different volumes ranging from 1oz, 3oz, and 5oz. They also allow you to bring home your favorite wine since they stock all the sampled wines. The special dispensers keep the wines fresh with an optimal tasting experience since the temperatures are maintained at perfect levels. If you are Looking for a perfect wine tasting experience with friends, head straight to Boise

Sophisticated  Art And Wine Tasting In Las Vegas, Nevada

If you love art and everything sophistication, this is the event for you. This is where  Bellagio’s top wine and art experts meet for entertainment and a sophisticated evening involving art and lots of wine tasting. With the slogan “Art and Wine: A Perfect Pairing,”  the event adds a perfect visual dimension where the fine art manager at Bellagio chooses art from the casino’s art gallery, and wine bottles are paired with the art based on flavor, aroma, color, and any other inspiration.

Wood Fired Pizza And Wine Tasting, Sonoma Valley California

Viansa Winery is picturesque, with cabanas perched so high up you are literally floating in the air. The open-air cabanas overlook California Wine Country and are decked out with plush lounge pillows for your comfort. After wine tasting, you get to enjoy wood-fired pizza cooked on the Italian-inspired winery’s own pizza oven. The winery has 35-acre vineyards, which you get to enjoy while lounging on the cabanas.

And for a bonus, Australia has incredible wines. Check out the best Yarra Valley wine tours.

You’re ready to discover the best wineries in the world by now. The duration of a wine tour might range from a single day to several weeks. Clients can choose from various tour packages, including transportation options like bicycles, kayaks, cars, or even limousines for a luxurious wine tour. 

After the tour, visitors don’t go home empty-handed. Indeed, the promotion of wine tours is a lucrative business for wineries due to the high demand for wine among tourists. In the same way, tourists can save money by purchasing high-quality wine at much lower costs than in wine shops. In addition, they can also take advantage of the opportunity to take photos or selfies in picturesque vineyards, which they can share on social media.

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