Ten Green Flags Worth Noting in your Next Union

Most of us keep an eye out for red flags but rarely do we focus on the good stuff. When jumping into a new relationship, men and women are programmed to look for what isn’t right. Everything from talking too much and not listening to others, to being selfish with time and money are all signs of things going wrong.

When you notice red flags it is usually time to run for the hills. With that being the case, what green flags can one take note of to make better decisions moving forward? Incidentally, you might be hoping to meet Asian women for marriage online, and taking note of green flags facilitates sweeter unions.

1. Selfless

Any lady or gent who tries to focus less on the self and more on others is a gem. This is a sign that they will likely be considerate of the feelings of others. Selfless people can be overwhelming too at times, always worried about the other person. While this can annoying, it is better than a selfish partner.

2. Compassionate

Compassion and empathy are signs of a decent human being, and again, someone who considers others first. Any time someone is compassionate, be it regarding you or even strangers, it is a green flag. Additionally, they might make the best partner when you consider having children.

3. Harmony

A good example of a green flag is when things fall into place easily, without too much work. For instance, if you desire the same things concerning careers or family, the chances of making the relationship work are higher. If things fall into place with extra effort, these are challenges you might want to avoid.

4. Steady

Going steady isn’t just a slogan teens coined up in dorm rooms. It carries a lot of weight when a relationship is heading in the right direction. Red flags always show up in relationships at the onset. When a relationship is doomed, it takes longer to move forward. Green flags in a relationship include a smoothly flowing and growing relationship.

5. Family

If the family confirms that your partner is the one, faster than you thought, this could be a green flag. Family takes the shortest time to point out red flags, and green flags might take even longer. One family seems convinced you might have found the one, it is surely a green flag.

6. Integrity

Someone who sticks to their word with fewer excuses is a keeper. This is important when business is concerned but more so when family is a common denominator. It means even as you plan family dinners, or visits to business concerns, your newfound friend needs to be committed.

7. Family oriented

Ever met someone with little interest in their family and even less in yours? That is an immediate red flag. However, there are men and women with backgrounds that are rich in family. Once you meet a man looking to visit your family soon, and one with enough family events to keep you busy often, these are green flags.

8. Stability

Anyone with stability in their lives is a green flag. If you meet a hunky dude who doesn’t seem direction or has had too many setbacks, steer clear. Their experiences may have been due to bad luck, but there are limits. On that note, a man with financial stability and family stability is worth gold.

9. They have lives

Someone who gets obsessed with you from the onset and has nothing going on in their life is a red flag. Find somebody with a life outside of you. They may enjoy music, hiking, bike riding, and going to the gym even if they are not interested. This means they have a life of theirs and can introduce you to some new things too.

10. Challenge themselves

Anyone who pushes themselves to do better is worth having as a partner. Picture having to encourage someone to work harder, get a new job, work out better or eat healthier. If this happens all the time, it becomes exhausting and feels like babysitting. Anyone that accepts the challenge to better themselves is a keeper. 

Last Updated on April 3, 2023

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