Ten Best Tips for Flying with a Baby

Traveling with babies can be exhausting, you might think, but we assure you that it is one of the most enriching and intense experiences that you can be living. There are many awkward moments when you are trying to keep traveling as you were earlier despite being a parent, and to do that trying to decipher what your child wants and needs at each moment is the key.After having two sons I learned a ton of tips for Flying with a Baby. In this post, you will find my top ten ones for a better experience.

The objective is that we have worry-free vacations and end up enjoying the trips, and we do not stop doing what we like the most: to explore the world. That said, we leave you with our ten best tips to travel with the little ones in the house.

These tips originate from the personal experiences, and apart from these, you can check out the reviews and feedback of the airline you wish to travel with, say if you are to fly in AA, check out American Airlines reviews to know what people experienced.

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Flying with a Baby

What to do with the stroller

Let us start with one of the most important things: What to do with the stroller when traveling by plane? Buy a folding one that you can take with you in the cabin is the most advisable.

Several brands sell strollers that when folded fit in the upper compartments of the plane, thus complying with the regulations of the companies.

If you do not want to carry a stroller, some airports provide strollers at no cost to get around the airport. They are usually at the boarding gates for everyone’s comfort.

Ten Best Tips for Flying with a Baby

Book the bassinet

Do not forget to reserve the bassinet for your baby if you are preparing to take a long-distance plane trip. It is effortless to reserve it: you only have to contact the airline directly and request it. We also have to say that your kid might not want to use it, but sometimes it is practical to lay the baby down while you drink or eat something.

Also check, with which airline you will be offered food and diapers for the baby before starting the journey. Moreover, do not forget that all the airplanes have a changer, and although it is just space, it is very comfortable. You can also pack a portable crib along with you.


It may seem obvious, but do not forget to bring food for your child. If you are going to catch a plane, we also confirm that you can exceed the amount of 100 ml established by the liquid restriction regulations. Surely it will be checked in the police containers to verify the content and, if all goes well, you can access without problems. We remind you that in most airports, priority is given to security control and boarding for families with babies and children.

Besides, you can also take homemade food without sealing, which can be useful for the first hours of the trip.

What foods to take

The meals that should never be missing in our backpack are already washed fruit such as grapes or apples, sugar-free cereals, breadcrumbs, small-tetra-packs of milk or sandwiches. If your baby drinks milk powder or cereal, we recommend organizing meals in individual envelopes. Do not forget the bib, the spoon, and the fork. It is better always to follow the recommendations of a nutritionist who has extensive experience in food and travel.

Also, babies under the age of two do not occupy a seat, so keep this in mind mainly on flights where food is served. We recommend that we take turns eating so that one can take care of the baby, and the other can eat as calmly as possible.

A small backpack for toys

Take a small bag with wheels to put everything inside. Children are very much governed by imitation and, if the child already walks and sees us with the suitcases, he will surely want to help us. It has worked very well for us, and we have all the toys or food of the child ordered in the backpack. He/she will be delighted to take it. The trip is exciting already, and having a small responsibility is the best thing that can happen to us.

Let’s not forget to put a toy or story in your backpack. We can usually carry an activity book because it is comprehensive: it has stickers, coloring pages, and a story. If the trip is long and you have to keep the little one entertained, an activity book and a couple of toys are more than enough. If you allow the use of tablets, this is undoubtedly a good option.

Even so, remember that many airlines, if you travel by plane, have screens on the seats, with a large selection of films and children’s series. If the trip is by car, there are supports for tablets that you can place in the headrest of the front seat.

Do not forget the pacifier

Keep in mind that the pacifier is perfect for pressure changes if the trip is by plane. If your child still has a pacifier, do not forget to take it with you in the suitcase. You will need it in the take-off, landing, and possible turbulence as it will help you relax and avoid the earache. If your child does not have a pacifier, repeatedly feeding him can help you have a better time.

Flying with a Baby

The clothes

You have to remember carrying spare clothes and warm clothes if you’re going to fly. Many times the planes have the air conditioning to the top, and we do not want to start the trip with snot and cough. Better to wear a sweatshirt (that has a zipper) in case, it happens.

Airlines usually have blankets, but we recommend that you carry your own in these cases. Replacement clothes for children are also essential if they are stained eating.

Choosing the places

We think that choosing the destination and the activities or visits that we are going to carry out is very important, especially considering the age of our child. We recommend calmer destinations for when children are smaller and destinations that include more people and activities when they are a little older. We never need to stop traveling, but we have to do it at our kid’s pace.

We recommend that you start with the destinations that do not require a lot of luggage (keep in mind that diapers, food and bottles of water occupy a lot of space and weight) and more the time of flight more the difficulty and risk (changed timeline, different feeding, etc.). We can also alternate games and visits to the parks so that kids have their playing time and socialization with other children.

We recommend destinations with a beach or hotel with a pool to liven up the days. The islands usually work very well: Maldives and Madeira have been a success in our case. Also, traveling to small capitals like Sofia in Bulgaria or short routes by car work well with children.

Vaccines and first aid kit

We recommend talking to the paediatrician and a tropical medicine doctor before booking a trip. When they are so small, it is convenient to know what vaccines are necessary and if our son/daughter can visit a specific country depending on the age, he/she has. They will also recommend to always carry with you a good mosquito repellent and sunscreen.


Choose a good time to start and end the trip. Choosing the best time to go on a trip is essential. Keep in mind the schedules of your children / as when they should be eating or sleeping. It is imperative if you want everything to go well.

It is true that, if we fly by plane, sometimes there is little to choose because we also take into account the price, but as far as possible we always try to take these things into consideration. Anyway, a good dose of patience and lots of laughter will be essential to carry along.

Last Updated on October 16, 2023

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