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How to Overcome Jet Lag: Essential Apps and Gadgets

With 1.2 billion people worldwide traveling abroad in 2015 alone, it’s clear to see that taking trips far from home is at an all-time high. Whilst vacations abroad often provide the ultimate combination of both relaxation and fun, there is one significant downside that the majority of vacations carry: jet lag.Three travel accessories or travel apps that you can use to combat jet lag on your next trip.Find the names of how to overcome jet lag.

Jet lag is a condition that arises from a mismatch between the body’s sleeping rhythm and the outside environment, causing many unfortunate side effects. However, with the significant travel increase of recent years, technology has certainly followed the trend. A plethora of resources has been specifically created to help overcome the negatives of jet lag and get you back to your regular routine quicker than ever. So, to discover the best of these travel apps and gadgets available right now on the market, keep reading!

How to Overcome Jet Lag: Essential Apps and Gadgets
Photo by: Franck Michel

How to Overcome Jet Lag: Essential Apps and Gadgets

Neuroon Sleep Mask

One of this market’s most innovative gadgets, the Neuroon sleep mask words in conjunction with an accompanying app to regulate the sleeping pattern of the user.

Using top-of-the-range light spectrum therapy and sensors, simply insert your destination and flight details into the app and the functioning of your mask will be specifically tailored to suit the specific conditions of your journey and trip. Offering a jet lag solution that suits your exact specifications, the Neuroon sleep mask is one of the easiest methods of aligning your body clock to a new time zone quickly and safely.

Alarm Clock for Me

Don’t be fooled by the name of Alarm Clock for Me, because this free app is certainly more than just an alarm clock. Featuring unlimited alarm support and an innovative sleep timer able to play white noise or relaxing music to help you drift off to sleep, this app offers the methods necessary for overcoming jet lag once and for all.

You have the freedom to set the timings of its alarm and sleep-inducing features to suit your exact preferences. This means that, whatever strategy you choose to adjust to your new time zone, Alarm Clock for Me will ensure you stay consistent and stick with it for as long as necessary.

The Human Charger

As its name would suggest, this nifty little gadget actually charges your brain with white light. Most of us don’t realize how important light is when it comes to the maintenance of time zones and overcoming jet lag, and this gadget does all the hard work for you.

Simply put its comfortable earbuds into your ears, switch it on, and bright white light will immediately start flowing to the most light-sensitive areas of your brain. After a mere twelve minutes of this ‘charging’ process, your brain will have been safely ‘tricked’ into thinking its daytime even if still un-adjusted to your new time zone.

The combination of a new time zone and jet lag is often difficult to overcome, especially for those who have a busy schedule to maintain. But, with the help of the above apps and gadgets we’ve suggested, you’ll be ready to beat the jet lag symptoms in no time!

Victoria Norris writes about travel and cultures, and life as well as life as a Military Wife. Vicky loves to show her kids the different places and cultures around the world and soon gets itchy feet to explore new pastures!

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