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Taking A Trip To Sri Lanka? Here’s What You Need To Know

Agness and Cez, the travel bloggers of Etramping, will share with you today the most important things you need to know before setting out on a trip to Sri Lanka. Are you planning to go to Sri Lanka anytime soon? This travel duo will share with you all the necessary things you need for a swell time in this country. Someone said: ‘The world is like a book. Those who do not leave their countries have only read one page.’ Trip to Sri Lanka,its clean beaches,ancient cities,and rich wildlife makes it an island to explore.Important to know about Sri Lanka island.

What You Need To Know for A Trip To Sri Lanka

There is a treasure store of knowledge and experience to gain by traveling to Sri Lanka. Located near India in the southern part of Asia, you will find that Sri Lanka has a culture of its own which is neither Indian or Asian. There are certain pieces of information you need to equip yourself with before you visit this beautiful island. This will enable you to enjoy yourself while you’re there. Let Agness and Cez share with you everything you need for this thrilling experience.

Health and safety standards

Your safety and your health are two important things to consider when taking a trip. You need to ensure that the area you intend to visit is not hostile to foreigners. You equally need to pay proper attention to hygiene because the trip is only enjoyable if you’re healthy.

How safe are you in Sri Lanka?

Interestingly, Sri Lanka is one of the countries with a very low record of crime against foreigners. Even though the country has experienced 25 years of civil war, there are parts of the country where criminal activity is very low.

What You Need To Know for A Trip To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a peaceful country to visit. As a foreigner, you will find that the locals are quite friendly. You really do not need any extra layer of security in this country beyond normal vigilance and mindfulness.

Watch what you eat

As far as hygiene goes, Sri Lanka kitchens typically fall far below the standards of the western world. So, you may need to exercise more caution when it comes to eating. Ensure you are vaccinated against the usual childhood diseases such as Measles, Poliomyelitis, Mumps and Rubella, Diphtheria, and Tetanus.

What You Need To Know for A Trip To Sri Lanka

As much as possible, stay away from the tap water in Sri Lanka. Go for the bottled water or ice from reputable hotels. Natural foods that have been rinsed in tap water should also be avoided if you have a sensitive body system.

Culture and tourism

Do not make the hasty conclusion that Sri Lankan culture is Indian or Asian. You need to know that the primary religion in Sri Lanka is Buddhism. So, you need to cover your body properly when visiting temples. Do not be surprised if a police officer stops you and asks you to cover your body.

What You Need To Know for A Trip To Sri Lanka

There is a general concept of modesty in dressing on the island. You can have your shorts and sleeveless tops on, though, but not in the temples. Respect their distinct identity and you’re good to go.

Respect Their Political Past

Remember that the brutal civil war ended as recently as 2009, therefore, we advise that you respect their political past. Keep your questions about Sri Lanka to the basic stuff about family, work and social life. You may strike a chord if your questions begin to probe their politics. Thus, we recommend steering clear of that topic for now.

As a tourist center, Sri Lanka’s tourism is still developing. The busiest place is the capital city of Colombo. So many roads are not yet paved and communicating with the locals may be difficult. Many of them do not speak English. The tour guides, however, may be eager to experiment their proficiency in the English language by asking you general questions based on what they had been taught. For adventure seekers and explorers, Sri Lanka is ripe for the taking. There is a lot to enjoy in this country before its tourism becomes full-blown.

What You Need To Know for A Trip To Sri Lanka

Wild and wonderful

Are you a lover of wildlife? Come to Sri Lanka. Next to Africa, this island may is home to one of the widest variety of wildlife. From gigantic elephants to the tiny little birds, there is a wide range of animals to see here.

Worthy of note is the large population of leopards, peacocks, crocodiles, elephants, sloth bears, and hundreds of other species. These animals can be found in the Yala National Park in the south-eastern region of Sri Lanka. There is also the Gal Oya National Park in Ampara Town. It is not as busy as the Yala National Park but quite rich in wildlife too.

What You Need To Know for A Trip To Sri Lanka

Transportation and ease of movement

Getting from here to there in Sri Lanka can be quite cumbersome. You would think that a small island that is only about 224 kilometers wide and 432 kilometers long will be easy to traverse. This is not the case for several reasons. Animals such as elephants could be on the road. You don’t want to rattle them.

What You Need To Know for A Trip To Sri Lanka

The roads are also very busy and bus drivers are usually impatient when driving. Luckily, new roads are being constructed. In some cities, there may be the need for you to drive through narrow roads which may make the trip longer than expected. For instance, about 160km may take almost 4 hours to complete.

What You Need To Know for A Trip To Sri Lanka

Traveling by train is quite cheap but may not offer the personal comfort you may expect. Buses are cheap too, but the drivers are quite reckless. If you must drive yourself, make sure you are fully licensed to do so. In addition to your country’s driver’s license, you need to get an international driver’s license. You’ll also need to ensure Sri Lanka is listed as one of the countries where the license is usable.

Getting ready for your Sri Lanka trip

The temperatures in Sri Lanka are almost constant throughout the year. This is due to its proximity to the equator. Between December and March, the west and south coasts of Sri Lanka are good places to be. For the east coast, the best weather condition for visit will be between May and September.

Get your Sri Lanka visa

In preparing for your trip to this wild and wonderful South Asian island, you need to get your Sri Lanka visa. There is absolutely no hassle in getting one. It is quite seamless and easy. The application takes only five minutes and the visa will be delivered to you within two working days. You should have your Sri Lanka visa ready before traveling.

Why don’t you saddle up?

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island and a friendly place. Your experience there will be worth every penny spent. Those who make the trip there now will have an advantage of exploring this soon-to-be center for tourism while it is still budding.

Wouldn’t you rather saddle up for your Sri Lanka trip?

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