Taking a Helicopter Tour around NYC


Taking a Helicopter Tour around NYC

two woman and a helipcoter before a tour

Going up in a helicopter has been a big bucket list item for me for years, years and years and years. I wanted to go up in a helicopter, but as with many things, resistance comes in. Why? “Oh, it’s too expensive. It’s this. There are no helicopter rides here.” There are always excuses for something that we really want to do. Until I got the chance to do it, and here’s my experience taking a helicopter tour in New York City.

One of the biggest issues for me is that nobody in my family has any interest in doing a helicopter ride. Well, nobody in my media family likes it, at least my husband and my sons. So I never really had anybody to do it with me here in Guatemala.

Helicopter Ride Tour in New York

Anyway, we were going to visit my parents in New York, and one of my friends just did a helicopter ride, a tour, and I was like, you know what? I’ve wanted to do this forever. My family completely refused. So, I was like, who’s the adventure person in my house and my family? My mother. So immediately I told my mom, I’m like, do you want to go in a helicopter? She’s like, oh, well, your father doesn’t want to.

It was a gift for just me and her, something that my mother and I could do together, and she was totally into it. So I found out that there are several helicopter tours in Manhattan. Obviously, I’m sure it’s the same for your area as well. There are probably a bunch of different options.

15 Min Helicopter Tour

So I chose the 15 minutes one because I’ll be honest with you, I get motion sickness quite a lot and I think 15 minutes is a good time to see if this is something that I really enjoy or if it’s not for me. So I made a reservation for me and my mom to go on this tour of New York. We got to the place. And interestingly enough, there were like 100 people there waiting.

The actual helicopter only took four people in total. Plus, obviously, the pilot. So we didn’t have to wait long because we did have a reservation, and we went up. It was a 15 minutes ride. So for me, that 15 minutes was just enough.

I was probably sick for half of the time, but I did force myself to keep my eyes open because the views are spectacular. My mom, who I would actually think would have more motion sickness because she gets motion sickness in the car, had absolutely no problem with it. She thought it was not enough time. So obviously, you need to find that middle point. But you won’t know that middle point until you try it.

view of a lake from a helicopter tour in new york


And funny enough, it was not that expensive. I think it was like $250 for both of us for the whole time. I know this sounds a little bit expensive, but it’s not. It’s really not that pricey to get the bucket list item off of your list and to see if you want to do it again. So I really recommend it if this is something that you guys want to try.


The views are spectacular. If you do get motion sickness, you might surprise yourself and not be that sick at all because you’ll be so focused on the beautiful views all around you. So if you have a chance to check off that bucket list item, go for a helicopter tour check but it was so worth it and the best part was that I got to experience it with my mom. 

woman inside an helicopter tour in new york

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Last Updated on May 28, 2023

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