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Taking a Cocktail Mixology Workshop Even if You Don’t Want to be a Bartender



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Did you ever want to be a cocktail mixologist?

Or a bartender?

Well one thing for sure, it’s not as easy as it looks. 

When I was 26 years old, living in NYC I worked in a very popular bar. I told them that I was a great bartender. 

Gratefully for my first 3 shifts, they put me during the slowest times, because I never even walked before a bar before that time. 

I remember when the first order came in to give them a draft beer, I had no idea how to even pour properly, it was more foam than beer. 

But with time, I learned to make the basics and pour beer like a pro.

It was also not the type of bar where I had to make any fancy drinks.

Fast forward 25 years later and my oldest boy is almost 18 years old, and I thought what a great way to spend an afternoon as a mama son fun time. 

Plus, who knows, maybe my son will like to learn and dive further into it.

I found us a cocktail mixology class near our house, and it was amazing!

we had so much fun, learning and tasting, and two things we did learn:

1 – it is way harder than it looks and it really is an art form

2 – this wasn’t what either of us wanted to pursue further

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Making your own cocktails, a master cocktail workshop experience. And it is so fun. I recommend everybody go and do one. Even if you don’t ever want to be a bartender, it does not matter.

So remember, make every day an adventure come to life. And today we’re going to be talking about learning how to make cocktails. So I have a 17 year old son and teenagers, they’re just like, they’re not really sure what they want to do. A lot of times they don’t really want to do anything. Yes, my sons are climbers and their whole idea is being pro climbers.

But I always say to be a full person, you need to be a full person. And what does that mean? It means trying all these different things. So where we live, there’s this absolutely gorgeous farm. It’s this outdoor place and they have all these different kinds of workshops.

So one of the workshops was offered by one of the top cocktail mixologists in Guatemala. And I was like, what a perfect experience. Maybe my son, a lot of times we don’t know what we don’t know or we don’t know what we like until we try something that is completely something we wouldn’t even think about. So to do something fun with my 17 year old, like a Mama son time together, I figured this would be a great thing to do in Guatemala. So I signed up and it was so fun, right?

It was a two hour cocktail master class kind of a thing. It’s a workshop. And he brought in all of this equipment and really gave us a good bird’s eye view. I shouldn’t say bird’s eye view. More like an inside view of what it takes to be a cocktail mixologist.

Right? So it’s a lot to do with the flavors and different types of alcohol. I’m not a big drinker. I actually don’t know much at all about alcohol, but just the whole experience of learning. He used a lot of fresh ingredients, a lot of fresh fruit, a lot of even some veggies and all these different things.

You need to be a master taster. You really need to have your taste buds come alive and understand what goes well with what citrus. Does it go well with this spicy thing or does it go better with a sweet thing? So he really understood and knew all these different flavors. And he did try to teach us, obviously in 2 hours.

It’s just a good teaser. But it also is a great way to connect with your kids or to connect with your partner. Just something fun to do, something different to do. And you’ll learn because when we go and check out these bartenders or these people, it looks interesting and it looks like, yeah, I could probably pull this off. But when you’re really looking at a master, that’s what they do.

If they make it look like it’s easy, but it’s a lot, it’s a lot of work, there’s a lot of understanding. It’s a craft so it was just such an incredible experience. So if you have that in your hometown and I can guarantee the majority of you have something similar doesn’t have to be a cocktail course, it could be a cooking course or something. Sign up. First of all, you’ll get a much better idea of what it really takes.

Secondly, you’ll learn a new skill. Firstly, you might actually fall in love and want to continue in our case, my son definitely said it wasn’t for him but he did have fun and it was something that me and him did together. So I recommend going and checking things out. Okay. And if you guys can’t think of some ways to make everyday an adventure and you can make every day an adventure, go to travel expert with an a dot com I have 365 idea completely for free for you to go and download so you could come up with some cool ideas for making every day an adventure.

And if you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review and share it with your friends. All right and thank you, everybody. Until next time, bye.

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