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How to Take Photos of Yourself When Traveling Alone

We are lucky enough to be able to travel as a couple. Traveling that way has many advantages. One of which is that there is always someone to take that magical shot of you standing in front of something fantastic.Five travel photography tips that will help you take the perfect photo of yourself while traveling alone.Blog post to find traveling alone.

Although getting one of you together is trickier. But, as you will see, there are ways to do it. Whether you are a traveling alone or a couple you can use these tips to get the perfect location shot, every time. Photos you will want to send off to somewhere like to be blown up and turned into a stylish print for your home.

Traveling Alone

How to Take Photos of Yourself When Traveling Alone

Use a traditional tripod When Traveling Alone

The most obvious approach is to use a tripod. Using one greatly improves the chances of your being able to take sharp images in low light conditions.

Carrying one around with you is not as much hassle as you think. Provided you buy one that is light and can be folded down into a small unit you will usually be able to fit one into your case.

Use a spider tripod instead When Traveling Alone

If you don’t fancy buying a full-scale one, at least buy a spider tripod instead. These short tripods have bendy legs, so at a push, you can wrap it around a railing, set the timer, and get your photo. If you do decide to buy one of these, make sure it is a good one. The last thing you need is for it to slip off the railing. If that happens, your camera or phone could break or worse fall off a building and hit someone below.

Learn to use the timer When Traveling Alone

Most modern cameras and smartphones have a timer delay built it. But, don’t wait until you have started your trip to try it out. If you find that the delay is not long enough, you can download a camera app that has a longer one. Or you could buy a remote control for the shutter; most of the Bluetooth ones will be compatible.

How to work out where to stand

It will help you to come up with ways to work out where you should stand. If there are two of you and you are using a tripod it is not hard to do. One of you just stands there while the other one lines up the shot. When everything looks right, they can set the timer and join the other person for the photo.

Naturally, when you are on your own things are a bit more difficult. Most people soon work out how high the tripod needs to be for head shots or full body shots. Some people mark the position on the tripod legs. Provided you and the tripod are both on a level surface this approach works well. But, you still need to know where to stand to ensure that you are in the shot. One way of doing it is to put something on the ground. A large stone or piece of wood can work for this.

Learn to pose

Whether you are taking a photo of yourself or have asked a passerby to do it, learning how to pose is worthwhile. You will be surprised by how much better you look when you do it right.

Do you have any experience with taking photos of yourself while traveling alone? Share it in the comments.

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