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Take a Peek Inside the Extra-Luxurious Hotels Celebrities Love

Barack Obama, Jessica Alba, Nicolas Cage, Leonardo DiCaprio are only a few of the names of celebrities who have special requirements when they check-in at a hotel. Seven of the most luxurious hotels from the world that celebrities love.Take a look at Luxurious Hotels Celebrities Love. 

Luxury hotels have to be innovative when it comes to their services. Revolutionized services is the term hotels love these days. When celebrities hear that a hotel guarantees them that they will have a memorable experience, they are interested in finding more. Celebrities are always on the rush, even when they are on a vacation.  

The hotels that host celebrities do not think about cutting costs. Their services are exclusive, and they are always willing to personalize them according to their guests’ requirements. Their main aim is to generate revenue, but they do it only if their clients are satisfied.  

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luxurious hotels celebrities love

Here are the extra services luxurious hotels offer to their celebrity guests.  

Ultra-modern TVs 

Average hotels have flat screen TVs, ultra-luxurious hotels have TVs manufactured by famous brands. Today, celebrities want their TV to increase their comfort, so in a five star hotel you will find a device that controls the thermostat and orders room service.  

If the TV can be controlled with their phone, then it meets their requirements. But if you are Mariah Carey, you will bring your own TV, no matter where you travel and what device the hotel installed in your suit.  

Convenience is the key word when it comes to the TVs found in the rooms of luxury hotels.  

Who needs check-in? 

When you work with people who are famous around the globe, the check-in procedure is useless. In more than 90% of the cases, hotels have their guests’ credit cards and info, so the check-in process is transformed into a greeting one.  

Five stars hotels welcome their guests and make sure they are not confused with the transactional part. It is the way in which they put emphasis on the greeting process that shows their clients there is no need them to bother with the check-in process.  

Luxury hotels personalize the welcoming procedure for every client. They do research, and they use a different approach for every client.  

luxurious hotels celebrities love

A personalized experience for every guest 

When we are talking about celebrities, we are talking about people who have special requirements. 

Let’s start with Kanye West. He wants to have shower shoes, a Carmex lip balm, a barber’s chair and plenty of alcohol bottles. He likes to find in his room beer, tequila, vodka, liquor and hot sauce.  

Adele, is known for her culinary requirements, she asks to have in her room the best quality red wine, chicken salad, sandwiches, and organic honey. Also, she instructs the hotels’ representatives to place in her room small bottles of non-carbonated spring water at room’s temperature.  

Beyoncé loves heavily seasoned chicken legs, and she receives them every time she checks-in at a hotel. Because she is the brand ambassador of Pepsi, she asks hotels to remove Coca-Cola from the apartments and rooms she books.  

Rihanna will book a room in a hotel only if it features black or blue drapes layered with icy-blue chiffon. She also has specific requirements for candles, and she wants to cover herself with an animal-print rug. The hotels who host Rihanna have to place a humidifier in her room if they want to keep her happy.  

Flexible rules 

Five stars hotels are successful at maintaining their success because they do not have strict rules. Celebrities are always on the run, and it is almost impossible they to respect the strict rules average hotels have.  

They want to take their pets with them, they want to make sure their pets will be treated the same way a person will be, and they want the hotel to respect their beverage and food requests. The kitchen should be ready to prepare them the desired wishes, no matter the hour.  

luxurious hotels celebrities love

Privacy is a priority 

Celebrities, and especially politicians want to stay private, so they will choose only a hotel that respects their requests. The staff hired by five-star hotels is trained to know how to handle sensitive data and contact details. They are trained to not disclose information to the media, to their friends or to their family members.  

Hotel employees are not allowed to talk about hotel guests, outside the hotel, or with persons who are not part of the staff. Luxury hotels transform guests’ privacy into a corporate culture.  

Professionalism in privacy is a rule luxury hotels apply when they want to attract celebrity guests.  

A group of people always accompanies a celebrity guest 

It does not matter if the guest is a singer, politician, athlete or model; all of them travel together with a large group of people. They have a bodyguard, two or three assistants, a private wardrobe and two or three stylists. When they book accommodation at a hotel, the hotel staff has to determine the space they will need.  

They will need rooms for their entire team, and they will also need extra rooms for storing their luggage. Luxury hotels always have an extra room for every celebrity who visits them in case of emergency.  

Also, the parking facilities are rigorously checked, because extra vehicles can always appear when they are less expected. 

Rental clothing 

There are not few the cases when guests ask the hotel to offer them clothing, because they have to attend an event, they did not plan for. Luxury hotels always have a temporary closet, their guests can access when they want to rent clothing for a special event.  

Some celebrities prefer to buy their own outfits, but there are also celebrities who check the wardrobe offered by the hotel to see if they can find something suitable, without too much effort.  

It is important the rental wardrobe to match the stars of the hotel. Five-star hotels collaborate only with famous brands.  

Accommodating celebrities requires from the hotels to take some precautions, and to be willing to change some of the principles they are working with. Considering suggestions is the main strategy luxury hotels use when they create their range of services.  

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