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Take the Open Road on a Motorcycle – USA Travel

Open roads beckon with the call to adventure. There is no better way to answer that call and experience the world in a breathtakingly new way than to mount a steel steed.Three of the best routes that you can take and a few tips.Find information about open road on a motorcycle during USA travel.

Take the Open Road on a Motorcycle

Whether an expert rider, a weekend enthusiast, or a curious first-timer searching for whatever may come your way, the allure of cruising around the country on a motorcycle has an undeniable appeal. Riding on a motorcycle provides an unmitigated sense of freedom that is only limited by the scope of the rider’s imagination. Whatever your level of experience, the key to the best possible experience is to properly prepare. 

Determine what type of trip you want to take. Will it be a leisurely trip spanning just a few hundred miles? Is your goal to reach a particular landmark by a particular date? Brainstorm the little details to ensure you reach your destination. Take the time to learn as much as you can about what type of motorcycle equipment your trip may require. Always be cognizant of potential dangers and hazards. 

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Mount Up 

After making the decision to embark on your journey, some due diligence is in order. Read reviews on the best supplies and accessories that fit your budget. Make sure everything has its place and you load according to the type of bike you have. If you have biker buddies, consult them on everything from best rest stops to shortcuts only a select few are privy. Map your course then share it with friends and family as an added precaution. Account for traffic and other miscellaneous slow downs. Be flexible. Part of the fun is exploring all those intimate off road areas a car just cannot access. 

Hitting The Road 

Rev that engine and accelerate past all the casual road trippers. Be the envy of that poor father or mother stuck behind the wheel confined to their claustrophobic car with kids incessantly inquiring whether they have reached their destination or not. 

While hundreds or even thousands of motorists clog highways both state and interstate alike, take advantage of the abundance of roads and trails that seem specifically tailored for the benefit of two-wheel adventure. 

Wide open spaces await those bold enough to explore them. There are many areas to discover for the first time. Any number of travel web sites can provide you with exhaustive top ten, top twenty-five or even top one hundred lists of places to use your bike to access. To get an idea of what you can expect out there, here are just three places to plan a trip around when the time is right. 

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North Georgia’s Hill County 

An hour north of Atlanta lies the Gauntlet. This 133-mile loop winds through the panoramic rustic beauty of northern Georgia hills and mountain roads. There are plenty of accommodation options in the cozy towns along the loop. Vacation rentals and honeymoon quality lodges abound. Be mindful of how windy the loop is and be on the lookout for undisciplined riders and their dangerous habits so you can avoid Motorcycle Accidents.

San Diego 

Hit the scenic roads that cut through the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park or ride along the more jagged roads of near the Mexican border. Day trip options include border towns on either side of the country divide.


Boasting an annual attendance that averages half a million patrons for its signature Rally event, Sturgis is a bucket list location for every biker. Throughout the rest of the year, travelers can visit the city’s Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame. The beauty of South Dakota’s parks and recreational centers, as well as trails designed specifically for motorcycle racing, can be just as enticing. 

Sturgis is home to one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world, but far from the only one. One of the greatest aspects of motorcycle culture is the brotherhood. Like-minded people gather throughout the year across the world enjoying one another’s company. They can compare bike specs and road stories. Their presence can bolster the local economy to the point the roar of engines in the distance signifies an occasion to celebrate the arrival of strangers that very well may leave as friends. 

Thousands of miles of scenic open road await you and your adventurous spirit. Mount up, ride free, and be safe. 

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