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How to Take Inspiration from Your Travels for Your Home Decor

After you’ve been on a worthwhile trip, it’s easy to miss the times you had while gallivanting around the world. Whether it’s a favorite holiday hot spot or a fresh experience that’s opened your eyes, heading home after all the exciting stimulation can be extremely sobering. Of course, you may have picked up a souvenir or two on your trip, but these alone can’t quite transport you back to your adventure. Still,If you’re feeling inspired from trip, there are ways which this can influence home decor.Here is a few tips on how to pull off that effect.

Home Decor

Plan ahead

Before you start stalking round the shops for some prize purchases, take the time to sit down and plan. Think about what resonated with you on your trip; what cultures excited you most? Which kinds of color schemes were at play? Are there certain scents that would trigger memories of your time spent traveling? The answers to these questions will help get you off to a strong start.

Consider creating a list or mood board and jot down all your thoughts and feelings about your trip. If you had a diary at the time of your travels, comb through it to really pinpoint what gave you a buzz there. Additionally, you can google the place you visited and pull of images of the places you liked and whack it on the mood board. In the end, these first steps will help you organize your thoughts into something exciting, yet coherent too!

Make Big Changes

If you’re going to make changes to your home decor, you should start with the bigger ones that really transform the identity of the room you’re working in. Remember, you’re striking out for key themes of the place you love in every new addition to your home! Half-heartedness won’t do here, so just roll up your sleeves and let your inspiration give you the fuel to power through.

For example, if you’ve been enamored by French decor recently, perhaps consider investing in a lavish chandelier for a big bedroom or living room. Should you have been to a place like Japan, swap out your old thin door at the back of your property for a large sliding door that welcomes more natural light, and helps the inside and outside blend together in Japanese style. Stay on theme and make big changes, and you’ll connect to that travel experience more.

Subtle Additions

Different countries have unique, stylistic vibes. They’ll have their own architecture, as well as their own manufacturers for every decorative item. This gives the place it’s identity on an aesthetic level, and even typical everyday objects will have a twist added to them that’s particular to that country. Consequently, you should consider the stylistic vision of the place you went to, such as; was it simplistic and elegant, or bold and colorful?

For example, if you’ve been exploring Scandinavia in Northern Europe, then chances are that the neat and elegant side resonated with you most. Shades of light brown, delicate whites and subtle beige could have been at play. Remember, it’s not all about bold, quirky items; the common things lend character to a room too!

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