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Take Back Control – Your Guide to a Holiday or Flight Cancellation

When you’ve been planning your holiday or break for potentially months, there’s nothing worse than receiving the news that your holiday and your flights have been cancelled. What ensues is stress, anxiety and of course utter resentment that all your planning and excitement has been for nothing. Click here for a helpful infographic from about what to do if your holiday is cancelled.Fun info-graphic that lets you know everything you need to know about flight cancellation and compensation for it.

Flight Cancellation

There are many reasons why your holiday might be cancelled. Anything from issues at your chosen resort, to the holiday company itself going bust, or even a natural disaster at your chosen destination. And as far as flight cancellations are concerned then you could fall foul to bad weather, security issues, mechanical issues, computer glitches, a lack of passengers on the flight itself or, believe it or not – the lack of a pilot and flight crew!

With so many potential issues that could go wrong, it’s a miracle that any of us ever get to go on holiday! But if your flights or your holiday has been cancelled, don’t worry. Your first priority is to get your money back as quickly as possible, and here you’ll find a helpful infographic giving you all the information you’ll need, check it out below.

Holiday or Flight Cancellation Guide

Holiday-cancellation-infographic (1)

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