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Taipei Travel Tips – Some Advice on What to Do

Traveling to Taipei, you can be sure that it will be a fun ride. In Taipei, you should visit the towering Taipei 101 because it is one of the tallest buildings in the world.Apart from that, the city is famous for its natural attractions, influence, and complex history.Today, we will guide you with some of the must-visit spots in.Take a look at this article to learn about five of the bet things to do when you travel to Taipei Travel Tips.


Things To Do In Taipei - Asia Travel


If you are planning to shop at night markets, you should know about the different night markets in Taipei. Firstly, we have the Raohe Street Market that is spread over 600 meters and offers stalls where one will find souvenir-worthy products and local foods. Here, even the herb-steamed spare rib restaurants are quite popular.

Another favorite we have is the Huaxi Night market. You should visit this place if you are a foodie. Some of the items that are on the menu list are freshwater turtle meal, pancake soup and snake wine. It sounds weird, but some of the items on their menu are really delicious.

If you are not tired of night markets, visit other night markets that are the Ningxia Night Market, Linjiang Street Night Market, Shilin, Night Market, and Keelung Night Market.

Performing arts
There are a number of concert halls that will keep you entertained. Some of them are Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Ximen, Zhongshan Hall, Liberty Square, and National Theatre and Concert Hall.

Also, a new venue is under construction, Taipei Performing Arts Center. It is slated to open this year.

Lantern Festival
Everyone has their own festival. Here we see the Lantern Festival. This event is celebrated at the end of the Lunar New Year. It is celebrated throughout Taipei with the release of large number of lanterns and fireworks. 15th day of the first lunar month is the day on which it is celebrated and was first celebrated in 1990.

Located in the Wanhua District of Taipei, it is a source of Japanese culture, Taiwan’s fashion and subculture. If you are planning to choose the bus route, you might cross Ximending because it is an important area of bus transfer.

Confucius & Lungshan Temples
In Taipei, you should visit these temples and join people performing prayer rituals in there.

Confucius Temple holds respect because it contains artifacts like musical instruments and ritual objects that are important to Confucius culture. Proper prayer ritual etiquette at this temple includes bowing and beating the wishing well, performing the Zugao ritual, offering tea, and passing through specific gates.

On the other hand, the Lungshan Temple is dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, Kuan-in. Here, visitors are allowed to admire the Kuan-in statue and offer prayers in the fore hall of the temple.

Apart from the noted spots there are a number of other spots that are famous and worth visiting. So, if you are planning to book tickets for Taipei, you should visit and look for discount coupons that can help you get an exciting deal on your flight tights.

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