Swimwear for Curvy Women – Meaning Me!

The other day one of my good friends gave me a bikini as a gift. I haven’t bought, nor wore a bathing suit in ages. Not that I have a complex about my body, it’s just never been something I even thought about.

It was gorgeous, however, when I put it on, the bottoms didn’t hug my curvy hips properly and were constantly falling off when I sat down.

So, now that I had one in my hands all of a sudden I realized what I have been missing in my wardrobe and packing list for way too long. Plus, when my oldest son saw me wearing one, he got excited that his mama is finally going to join him in the pool. That still remains to be seen, but I can take the first step and get myself dressed properly for the occasion.

I donated the one given to me, I’m sure it would fit someone brilliantly, and got busy online searching swimwear for curvy women.

Also, I’ve been exercising like a mad woman lately and decided to go for a bikini!

I’m not sure how I found Leonisa swimwear but it was exactly what I was looking for.

Swimwear for Curvy Women

What I look for in Swimwear for Curvy Women

1. Hip Huggers – every woman is conscious of her hips, I’m no different. So this was a biggie for me.

2. Halter Top – I hate little thin straps that expose my not-so-pronounced chest, so it needs to be full, with padding (removable).

3. Design – Natural tones with green is what works best for me.

My Bikini choice – Leonisa’s Halter Top and Hip Hugger Bikini (very appropriate name) was exactly what I wanted!

My Take on Leonisa’s Bikini

The Fit – The bathing suit was my perfect size (thanks to a good size chart on their site). This was a source of anxiety for me, due my past bikini experience.

Colors – it’s one thing how they look online and another when you are wearing the suit. It did it’s job.

I still have a long way to go with the perfect body (who doesn’t), but for now this bikini is doing what it can to enhance my curves and allow me to have fun with my boys without worrying that my panties will fall down and give a free show to world.

Leonisa actually offers a ton of different swimsuits for all shapes and sizes. I’m considering some of their full pieces as well, which aren’t too grandma like, but are classy and sexy. Just what this mom needs!

Swimwear for Curvy Women – Product Review

Last Updated on September 12, 2023

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  1. You look great!!! Always looking for new bikinis that aren’t teensy tiny. These are great!!

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