A Sweet-Tooth’s Paradise: What Are 5 of the Best Places to Order a Cake in Dubai?

Known as one of the world’s most dynamic, melting cultural pots — Dubai is a food haven. From stellar appetizers, to delicious mains and decadent desserts, the country is full of places for those with a sweet tooth. For those that have a soft spot for cake, don’t worry, Dubai is home to a collection of bakeries with cakes of all works. Here are the 5 best places to order your cake next time you’re there! Some of the best places to go for a coffee and a delicious cake in Dubai.Take a look at this list of best places to order a cake in Dubai.

Best Places to Order a Cake in Dubai

Roseleaf Cafe 

Ducked away in the little corner of the Dubai Garden Center, this “hidden gem” is a frequent spot for locals. Behind the foliage and conservatory architecture, Roseleaf Cafe offers locally crafted and sources ingredients from homemade cakes and pies, to salads and roasted coffee —  the cafe is the perfect stop to catch up old friends, people watch and spend an afternoon just enjoying the sounds and people in Dubai. The cakes at Roseleaf are made with the finest ingredients, freshly mixed and baked the day-of to ensure a fresh and warm slice for your sweet craving.  

Choix Pâtisserie  

Renowned for its stylish aesthetics, this ambience and stylish cafe is perfect for an afternoon tea and mid-morning dessert. With glass cabinets full of French pastries, fruit galettes, multi-colored macaroons and cheesecakes, there is a treat for any liking. The cafe welcomes guests with large yellow chairs similar to those of the royal Parisian era, background music and top service – guests can come and sit with excellent food and a perfect hot brew of coffee. Choix Patisserie is the perfect place to go back into time and experience the French way of baking in the midst of bustling Dubai. 

Magnolia Bakery 

Originating from the quiet corner of New York’s West Village, this bakery made its way to Dubai in 2010. This landmark bakery is known as the pioneers of the modern-day cupcake craze and reviving an average cupcake into a colorful one with its signature pastel-colored buttercream frosted cupcakes and cakes. Magnolia prides itself in making all its dough and cakes by scratch everyday with the finest ingredients.  


This organic bakery and cafe is known for its alternative baked goods. Most of their cakes and bakery have sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free options — perfect for those with certain sensitivities, diet constraints and healthy eating. When going to Nathalie’s, make sure to try their best selling lemon loaf (which has its own cake option).  

Custom Made 

Another good place to order cakes is online. Ordering cakes online give you the freedom to custom design and find the cake right for you. Custom cakes in Dubai are perfect for parties and big gatherings. Making your own cake is also great for events, custom designing your cake with figurines and personalized characters.  

There is nothing short for those with a sweet tooth. With countless amounts of cafes to choose from, the perfect cake is waiting for you right around the corner. 

Last Updated on January 7, 2022

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