Sustainable Safari: How to Make Your Safari Vacation Green

Sustainable Safari: How to Make Your Safari Vacation Green
African safaris are amazing to experience. But to ensure future generations can enjoy the same experience, sustainable tourism practices are vital.

An African safari is an unforgettable experience. The vast landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural experiences make it a trip of a lifetime. However, to ensure that future generations can also experience all that a safari vacation offers first hand, it’s crucial for that we practice sustainable tourism. 

As well as leaving a positive impact on the surrounding environment, sustainable tourism is about supporting local communities and economies so that we can conserve the wildlife for future generations. Here are some simple ways you can contribute to these efforts during your luxury safari vacation in this beautiful continent.

Local communities

Tourism is one of the driving forces behind sustainable development across Africa. The local communities that are based in the places you visit on safari are likely to have introduced community-based tourism initiatives. These are designed to provide employment opportunities for local residents and contribute to conservation efforts. 

To support these communities, be respectful of their culture at all times. Engage with locals respectfully and learn about their traditions. Choosing a tour company that uses local guides, joining in with activities, and taking the time to understand the culture are all forms of community engagement that can contribute to sustainable tourism during your safari. 

Make your safari vacation not just memorable but also a positive force for the future of our planet. 
Make your safari vacation not just memorable but also a positive force for the future of our planet. 


Selecting eco-friendly accommodation is a key step towards a sustainable safari. Look for hotels that are certified in line with sustainability goals, such as those meeting the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)-recognized standards. These hotels and other accommodation types often prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, and community engagement. 

By choosing green accommodation, you actively support businesses committed to minimizing their environmental impact. If you’re looking out for places with these credentials, it’s worth taking the time to ask your tour operator when you’re booking your safari what type of accommodation is available and how green those hotels and other establishments are. 

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Responsible tourism involves adhering to the rules and regulations in place to protect both you and the environment. Safaris have strict guidelines to ensure the safety of visitors and the wellbeing of animals. 

Respect these rules, such as maintaining a safe distance from wildlife and not disturbing their natural behaviors. Responsible wildlife viewing not only ensures your safety but also contributes to the conservation of these incredible species.

Waste management

Even the most conscientious of travelers can end up leaving waste behind. But while it’s easy to forget the basics, it’s important that visitors are mindful of what they take with them, and what they take away. Dispose of waste responsibly and think carefully about what you do bring with you. Wildlife could be damaged by garbage left by humans. 

In this post we looked at some simple ways you can contribute to sustainability efforts during your luxury safari vacation in Africa.


Consider the environmental impact of your travel choices. Opt for sustainable fuel options whenever possible and choose shared transportation over private options. Shared transport reduces the overall carbon footprint of your journey and supports eco-friendly transportation initiatives. Embracing sustainable travel practices contributes to the overall conservation of the destinations you explore.

By supporting local communities and choosing greener travel and accommodation options, you contribute to the long-term wellbeing of these remarkable destinations. Make your safari vacation not just memorable but also a positive force for the future of our planet. 

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Last Updated on January 7, 2024

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