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Don’t Get Caught Out in the Wild – Without These Survival Kit Essentials

Camping and going on adventures into the wild can be an extremely fun activity. There is something about exploring the beauty of nature, laying back at night and seeing the stars, and seeing all the different kinds of animals that are unrivaled. If you plan on going into the wild and staying there for a few days, it is important that you plan ahead and bring the right tools for the trip.Three of the top survival kit essentials that you need whenever you go on an outdoor adventure.Look at this list of survival kit essentials.

Being in the wild, whether with a group or alone, can be extremely dangerous if not handled correctly. With you and your group being so far away from civilization, getting help for emergency situations is not readily available. Therefore, it is essential that you plan ahead and take tools that can prevent you from getting into these emergencies. Bringing items like first-aid kits, pocket knives, fire starters, etc. can save your life.

survival kit essentials

Top  Survival Kit Essentials to ensure you’re ready to tackle any emergency:

First-Aid Kits

Injuries and medical emergencies can strike at any point. Thankfully, in the city, we have the ability to call 911 or go see a doctor for rather serious issues. Unfortunately, while in the wild we do not have the same opportunities. Packing a first-aid kit is essential so that you are able to deal with these emergencies or slow them down so you can get the help needed. Disinfectant wipes should be your first item packed into your first-aid kit. 

When walking through the bush, it is quite common to get cut or scratched on sharp branches. These cuts if left untreated can become infected and create a whole new level of problems you will have to deal with. After you have cleaned your cuts, putting band-aids on them will keep them safe from further infection. Medical tape and gauze are also essential for large cuts and injuries that band-aids would not be suitable for. Always err on the side of caution when looking at what to pack within your kit. It is much better to have extra supplies that you do not need than to have a need for items you do not have.

Also, using a kit that lasts longer is key, check out here the 72 hour survival kit for sale.

 A Pocket Knife

Pocket Knives are essential for anyone looking to travel out into the wild for an extended period of time. Most people view a pocket knife as a weapon, but it is, in fact, one of the most versatile tools that you can bring into the wild for survival. Not all pocket knives are created equal, though so it is important that you look at dependable brands when purchasing a knife.

Your knife should be able to easily cut sticks and other materials that can help you start fires. Pocket Knives can also be used to gut fish that you catch and prepare them for cooking. Knives can also allow you to make repairs to your shelter and allow you to create makeshift bandages if you find yourself in a position where you do not have any. Make sure that your brand of the knife is able to do all of these things at the very minimum. To go into the wild without a pocket knife would be foolish. Pick up a pocket knife and make your trip that much easier on yourself.

 Fire Starters

Another essential tool that you must bring out into the wild is some form of fire starter. Whether it matches, a lighter, or flint, just like a first-aid kit and pocket knife can make a difference when it comes down to survival. Cooking and preparing food can be made so much easier with a quick and easily made fire.

If you are cold at night, a fire can help keep you warm. Certain fire starters can even work when wet, ensuring that the weather does not ruin your ability to create a fire. If you run out of drinking water, a fire can be used to boil water, therefore, making it safe to drink. Making a fire is essential to survival in the wild. Don’t get caught out there with no means to create your own fire.

Survival Kit Essentials

While going into the wild can be fun and rewarding, it can also be very dangerous. Careful planning can take away a lot of that danger and leave you focused on enjoying your trip. With a proper first-aid kit, knife, and fire starter, you will find yourself prepared to tackle any problem that is thrown your way. Being so far away from the rest of the world, you might not have the time to wait for rescue to come if you need it. In the case of severe emergencies, these tools will help buy you the time necessary for rescue crews to arrive. Don’t chance your own safety, pack well and get out there and enjoy nature. Where do you plan to camp?

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