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Survival Guide for an Adult Learner

Learning is an exciting way to discover new information and hone new skills. But still, it is hard for everyone. You need to reserve much time and energy to study new material, to learn new concepts, and to make connections between theories and ideas to apply them in practical contexts. When a teenager, you may study as much as you please, and even sleepless nights are not a trouble for a young, perseverant organism. But as you get older, reserving time and accumulating energy for studies becomes ever harder, with family and work needs draining your resources and enthusiasm. How to fit in the cherished paradigm of lifelong learning praised by everyone today? Here are Survival Guide from Assignment Partner.

So, how to maintain resourcefulness and vigor for adult learning? How to fit in the cherished paradigm of lifelong learning praised by everyone today? Here are some tips from Assignment Partner – assignment writing service that have successfully incorporated these principles into their lives. 

Set Study Priorities 

Adult learning is a privilege and a unique skill rather than a must. To be a successful adult learner, you need to master time management and prioritization to perfection. These skills are vital because adults typically have a million pressing duties, tasks, and unexpected events that ruin their plans every day. For example, you might plan to study all week long to finish exam preparation by the weekend, but your child suddenly falls ill and misses their kindergarten, urging you to stay by their bed instead of learning the study material. Or you might plan to sit down for hours at the weekend to finish an essay due on Monday while your neighbors arrange a BBQ party and invite your whole family to join in. 

In other words, life is hectic today, with both pleasant and unfortunate events trying to ruin our plans from time to time. Your primary survival skill is to stay flexible yet focused on the goal. If it’s a family member’s illness or emergency that distracts you from your studies, it’s OK to ask a tutor for an extension or order an assignment not to miss the deadline. But if you can’t stand the temptation of having a BBQ instead of studying, then you have real problems with goal-disinterestedness and discipline. 

Sneak Time for Studies Anywhere and Anytime 

When you approach studies at an adult age, you need to put up with the chronic lack of time. That scarcity will accompany you throughout the study process, leaving you with literally no space for focused, attentive learning. So, instead of giving up on your study plans, you can adapt to the new learning schedule and sneak 10-15 minutes anytime to study some new materials. The best method for achieving consistent results with minimal study periods is using flashcards. You can write down all the necessary learning material on cards and take them out whenever you have a couple of minutes to revise the notes. Such cards work perfectly as a spaced learning technique, and even with little time for tedious studying, you will notice that you’ve captured the material well after several revisions. 

Learn to Relax 

Studying all the time means being under constant stress. Experts caution against overstretching yourself as such situations often lead to mental and physical health problems. Once you get exhausted by studies and work, your body can let you down by developing an illness. Thus, not to make this happen, you should be attentive to your body’s needs, taking a rest whenever you feel that you can’t go on. Take a couple of days off, chill out, and bring your body to order and balance. After such a break, you’ll see that your performance increases manifold. 

Seek Help and Support 

Getting a degree or completing a course is a serious, lengthy task that only a few people can handle alone. There will be times when you’ll feel exhaustion or despair because of your inability to move on. In such situations, it’s better to seek help and mobilize your community resources to cope with the challenge. If you’re a working mother on the threshold of graduation, ask parents or neighbors to take care of your child for 1-2 weeks during evening time so that you prepare for the exam well. If you’re a working head of the family, ask your family members for support for the challenging study periods so that they assume some of your home responsibilities and do not disturb you during studies. If you work and study simultaneously, ask your boss for a couple of days off to get ready for the exam, promising to compensate those days later. Anything is doable, and you will find so much support if you’re open to seeking and receiving it. 

Be Flexible 

People tend to become less flexible as they get older. Your task is to resist the temptation of sticking to the same routines and falling on the conservative side. As an adult learner, you need to be flexible and adaptive, which are your strategic strengths. If something goes not as planned, no problem! You can quickly toss things around, freeing up some time for studies by delegating some pending tasks or talking to your family to seek support. Be open-minded and optimistic, and the challenges you dread will turn out smaller than you thought. 

Survival Guide
Survival Guide
Survival Guide

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