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Are you Sure When to Buy or Skip Travel Insurance?

Are you always on the lookout for a new adventure? Thinking of finally conquering your wish list destination? If you’re a jet setter, you might have encountered some nomads who have discussed a thing or two about travel insurance.What I consider before deciding whether I need travel insurance for my next trip or not.In this post you will learn about Travel Insurance.  

Travel Insurance

You might have even wondered whether you would need travel insurance for yourself. You should definitely consult some online reviews of different travel insurance providers on the web before making the final decision. Consumers Advocate has a comparison list of the currently ranked top 10 companies so that’s a good place to check. If you’re on a budget or still quite unsure as to what to consider on when to buy or skip it, here are some criteria that you should consider when you make that decision:

Type of Travel 

Domestic Travel. If you’re traveling to a different town or city within your country, you can skip getting insurance. Most people already have life and health insurance and you will still be covered on this as long as you are within your country.  

This is more practical as you won’t have any problems accessing accommodation or emergency personnel in case of accident or flight reschedule/cancellation.  

International Travel. Going to a different country wherein you are considered as a foreigner and not national citizen can be quite scary. International trips are usually planned way ahead of time; hence it makes more sense to purchase travel insurance in terms of budget and unexpected flight cancellations 

Additionally, if you’re going to a country with less diplomatic relations with your country, or a country plagued with political and health issues, getting insurance is a must! 

Travel Insurance for Length of Travel 

Long Trips. Long trips are usually planned ahead of time and are set on a schedule to cover many activities or goals. Also, there is a specific amount or deposit you should give, to ensure that you are covered on the first day of your travel, that’s why it makes more sense to get insurance for long and scheduled trips. Also, if you cannot afford to lose a trip like this with a flight cancellation or emergency, it’s best to get it for this duration of travel. 

Short Trips. Short and last-minute trips are usually local trips and can be scheduled at another time; otherwise these types of trips would have been scheduled ahead. For short trips, it’s best not to purchase insurance as the coverage time will also be less.  

Travel Insurance for Nature of Travel 

Business or Work. For people who are traveling under the sponsorship of a company or organization for a specific purpose, these types of trips are comprehensively covered by the company, so you can skip purchasing an insurance for this nature of travel. Usually, for this nature of travel, medical and accidental coverage is included. Additionally, the trip is ideally covered by the company so there is no concern for any money lost in case of flight cancellation. 

Personal. Travelers who like to travel at the expense of their own money must get their own travel insurance policy. You can save an amount of money in the case that there some unexpected events such as flight cancellation due to weather or an accident while on vacation.  

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