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Showertime Fun – Superhero Bath Robe

Ready for some serious cuteness?

Ok, I am not the type of mom that dotes all over her kids especially online. But this is too much.

bathrobe for boys

With my oldest son in a comfy bathrobe, my baby had to have one too. Finding one for younger kids is a lot harder than it is for older boys since they have to REALLY like it. After a lot of internet navigating we finally found one through Kohls online.

bathrobe for kids

We pressed buy for the Jumping Beans Superhero Bath Robe. I was a bit worried that he might not like it once it arrived, but I was very wrong.

He loves it. And so do I.

Information for Kohls

I have been a huge fan of Kohls for a long time. Mainly because of their great deals and prices. Normally when we do our USA visits this is one of the top stores we visit. But with two boys I am truly enjoying the online shopping and once again Kohls doesn’t disappoint.

And if you think their prices are low online, they have even more deals and offers when you get on their Facebook page and also via Twitter.

Showertime Fun – Superhero Bath Robe – Kohls Review


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