Looking for Sunglasses Over Glasses? Here’s One To Consider

Do you struggle with sunglasses and prescription lenses? This seems to be a huge complaint about my dad, who constantly is on the look for the right type of sunglasses to wear over his glasses. He tried doing the prescription glasses that get tinted over, but he said they never get dark enough and a lot of sunlight still enters from the sides, and they simply don’t make larger styled prescription glasses for him.

That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. Cause, frankly, I’m sick of his whining! That’s how I found Cocoons Eyewear. This company specializes in many types of sunglasses from clip ons to sunglasses that fit over all types of prescription glasses.

old man wearing sunglasses over prescription glasses

After contacting them personally, to get the best ones for my dad, we decided to go with the Aviator Design. What they did was send me a special guide for exactly these types of questions that help with sizes, styles and so much more.  It’s one of the most thorough, helpful guides I’ve seen. And the customer service was great with all my questions.

Features Sunglasses Over Glasses

Size matters

there are tons of different shapes and sizes of prescription glasses, and plenty of choices for different styles to fit over them

old man wearing glasses glasses

Polarized glasses – they are 100% polarized with all different tints for your liking. The polarization helps prevent that annoying glare and reflection.

Colored Frames – What’s your favorite color? I bet you can find the one you like most.

black polarized sunglasses over glasses

Fitted Temples – With glasses having to fit over the prescription ones, it’s important that they fit snugly and comfortably around your temple and ears.

360 degree protection – the glasses cover from all angles.

Accessories – it comes with a really cool case that you can clip on to anything, your pants, bag, etc…

black case for sunglasses over glasses

Where to Buy them

I did all the questioning and enquiries via the website. However, they work with a ton of dealers that might work better for you.

Sunglasses Over Glasses – Cocoons Eyewear Review


Last Updated on May 17, 2022

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