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Sun Protective Swimwear for Boys – A Must Have!

Living in a Tropical country the urge for my kids to go swimming hits them way too often, but who can deny two boys under nine pool time?

Aside from constantly on the look out for a pool, my biggest concern with swimming is the sun exposure. Little kids hate being lathered in sunblock every time they come out of the water. And quite frankly, I really don’t enjoy it either. It’s like putting oil on water, they just don’t mix and it’s a messy ordeal for everyone!

To simplify my life, I began searching for sun protection UV swimwear. I found a few that I liked, but nothing that wowed me to say, this is efficient, cool enough for my son to want to put on, and affordable. That is until I found Sungrubbies.

I immediately fell in love with a set they have – shirt and shorts that can pass off for a surfer get up.

The minute I took it out of the box, my kid had become obsessed with it, like when you buy a preschooler a superman custom and they think it’s totally OK to wear it ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! Well, this seems to work for eight year olds when they find something they like.

No joke, within the first month of receiving it, my son demands to wear it to all his friends houses, on our outings (that have nothing to do with pools) and the obvious – swimming. He yells at me when it’s laundry day because he’ll be separated from it for that one day.

A Mom’s Take On It:

Aside from it truly being a cool suit to swim in and chill by the poolside and ocean side, I looked at it more closely and wondered why he wants to use it all the time:

  • It’s refreshing. It can get really hot here! And most clothes my kid uses he’s constantly complaining that he’s sweating or they are too hot. For some reason, he never does this when he uses this outfit. 
  • It’s loose and not tight fitting like some of the options I saw online for UV protection swimwear.  He can do whatever crazy stunts he thinks of and isn’t restraining.
  • It doesn’t really look like something that can only be used for visiting a family swimming pool, so he can get away with wearing it, even if we go for a walkabout or shopping in the city.

Honestly, this has been one of the best things I got for my son and am looking to get a few more matching suits so that I can have some variety as I look at my son. 

Thanks Marta for giving us a chance to try these out and truly enjoy them.

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Sun Protective Swimwear for Boys - A Must Have!


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