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Summer Travel – Top Tips to Plan an Outdoor Dinner Party

Summer is here, which means it’s a great time to enjoy the wonderful weather and the outdoors with friends and family. What better way to do that than with an outdoor dinner party? An al fresco dinner party is fun and festive, but there are some elements that need to go into planning and logistics.Four of my top tips to plan an outdoor dinner party for this summer.Take a look at this article to learn about summer travel details.

The following are some of the best ways to make sure your next summer dinner party is a hit with your guests.

Summer Travel - Outdoor Vacation
Summer Travel – Top Tips to Plan an Outdoor Dinner Party

Make the Lighting Great
With any outdoor party, including a dinner party, it’s all about the lighting. Some good options include plenty of candlelight on the tables, and then stringing up lights above the table. You want the lighting to be soft and simple and give the space a glow, but be bright enough so that everyone can see what they’re eating. Tea lights also work well, as do torch-style lights.

One of the best places to shop for candles and tea lights is a site like Amazon. You can usually find really good deals, particularly if you want to order larger quantities.

The Drinks
First and foremost, if you’re going to have a dinner party and you’re planning for the alcohol, you might want to shop online at a site like Country Wine & Spirits. If you order online it’s going to make it easier for you because you won’t have to rush out to buy alcohol on the day of your party, you’re likely to find better deals, and it’ll be easier to plan everything out as compared to going to the store to do it.

Also, try to keep in mind that it’s summer and it’ll likely be hot, so people will want light, refreshing drinks like rosé, rather than heavier options like red wine.

Incorporate Music
An outdoor party can seem like a great idea until everyone is gathered around the table and there’s a moment of awkward silence.

Avoid this by adding some music. Use outdoor speakers with Bluetooth connectivity and play something fun and festive on Pandora or Spotify. It’ll help your dinner party move along more smoothly without those noticeable lulls in conversation.

Keep the Bugs at Bay
No one wants to go to a dinner party and feel like they’re being bombarded with bugs. Bugs like mosquitos love to come out at dusk, so that’s probably right around the time you’ll be hosting your party.
They’re attracted to fragrances from candles and perfume, so try to avoid scented candles. You should also keep all food in sealed containers, and use citronella candles to try and keep all the pests away while your guests are enjoying the evening.

Some of the top-rated citronella candles are from UCO, which is available at retailers like REI.

Finally, outdoor parties can be tough for your guests when they’re deciding what to wear or bring, so let them know what to expect on the invitation. For example, if it’s a casual backyard barbecue, make that known on the invitation, versus a bit dressier cocktail party. You want everyone to feel comfortable and know how to dress and arrive appropriately.

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