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Top 10 Best Summer Road Trips From Around the World

Do you want to hop in your caravan and go on an adventure this summer? Here are some of the top-rated road trips to take this summer. Taking to the road is all about discovering what’s out there, finding new passions, and exploring. And it’s a fantastic way to spend a vacation. If you’re thinking of picking up the car and hitting the road, we’ve selected some of the most exciting, scenic, and captivating routes from around the world to take for a road trip this summer.

A common thing that can happen on a summer road trip is your car dying in the middle of nowhere, and is better to know what to do in those situations, for that I have a full blog post about it. Make sure you read it.

Road Trips to Take This Summer

Best Summer Road Trips From Around the World

So you’ve decided to take a road trip, but you’re wondering where to go… I have you covered, read on for our top best road trips from around the world for you and your traveling companions to take this summer…

Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA

Head up or down the American west coast by taking what is considered one of the ultimate road trips on the map.

The iconic Pacific Coast Highway is a 600-mile drive that will take you from the northernmost tip to the southernmost tip of California – or vice versa.

This is one to be savored and enjoyed at leisure and is often best planned as a longer-term trip that can be designed to last as long as you want it to, thanks to the abundance of stops and things to do en route.

Amid this, you’ll be met with beaches, forests, and mountains, famed for giving travelers a taste of all the renowned elements California has to offer. Whether you’re in it for food or drink, action or adventure, relaxation or sightseeing, glamor or rustic charm, this road trip allows you the opportunity to mix and match everything.

Cote d’Opale, France

This trip is ideal if you’re a newbie to road trip holidays – it’s not too long, too short or too complex.

Heading to the stunning surrounds of the Cote d’Opale is ideal if you’re looking to venture off the beaten track of the typical inland trips in France. You’ll find this route between Calais and Boulogne and it will take you along a 26-mile coastline.

Along the way, you’ll come across low-key seafood eateries, thanks to its sleepy harbor villages, quaint coves, and stunning beaches. Surf at the much-revered Wissant as you head along the coast, and end up in Boulogne where you can shop before you drop.

The North Coast 500, Scotland

Scotland likes to think of The North Coast 500 as its own version of the USA’s Route 66.

This is a great road trip if you’re looking to do a round trip, offering up main roads and remote tracks in and around the Scottish highlands.

The best way to plan this trip is to begin at Inverness, follow the west coast of the country, and then come back to the east, savoring castles, lochs, mountains, and glens the entire way.

Red Centre Way, Australia

There’s a reason that this road trip is called the Red Center Way – it lives up to its color!

This stunning trek through the Outback is a less-traveled alternative to the more popular and tourist-laden routes, giving you an altogether more scenic and isolated experience. And that’s what the Australian Outback is all about.

>Highlights en route include locations such as Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, and Glen Helen Gorge – complete with bowls, craters, trails, and canyons.

Costa Verde, Brazil

Head over to Copacabana Beach via this 5-day route, which showcases the majesty of South America’s islands, Atlantic forest, and the romance-laden city of Paraty.

This caravan trip includes an added uniqueness in that you’ll have to jump onto a ferry to get to Ilhabela, the first stop. Continue over to Ubatuba and the Serra do Mar mountains, after which you’ll end up in Catucaba with its cooler climes.

Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada

If it’s stargazing and glaciers you’re looking for in a caravan trip, this Canadian 145-mile route can be done in just 4 hours or stretched over 3 days.

This incredible journey will take you through forests, mountain ranches, and wild rivers and waterfalls.

It takes in the stunning national parkland of Banff, toward Jasper, taking in the famous Rocky Mountains, offering up stunning scenes of landscapes and nature.

Trolls Path, Norway

This caravan trip is a sight to behold. It features hairpin bends through mountains and waterfalls and is not one for the faint of heart.

There are 11 twists and turns involving steep inclines that stretch 4 miles to Trollstigen – also known as the Trolls Path

As you make each turn, you’ve got the option to stop and take in the surroundings on one of the many viewing platforms. There’s a 2,300ft plateau with a visitor center that practically dangles from the sheer mountainsides.

Note that this is a spring/summer route only, and is a little too dicey for the colder period between late fall through winter.

Don’t forget to be sure your caravan’s annex matting is up to scratch for this particularly cold camping road trip.

The Lakes, England

One of the most stunning regions in the UK is England’s Lake District, which is everything its name suggests.

This area of breathtaking natural beauty can be the ideal spot for a weekend of camping and caravanning as a quick escape, or a more lengthy road trip around the vast region. If you choose the latter, there are plenty of quaint spots to stop off and eat, drink or stay at.

Discover settings from classic literary favorites when you hit the roads of the Lake District, with all its lush scenery and majestic, sweeping waters. This is a magical destination for any keen road-tripper.

The Guoliang Tunnel Road to Guoliang Village, China

This road is perfect if you’re journey planning at any time of the year. With a final destination of Guoliang Village, the Tunnel Road in the Henan Province can be safely described as one of the most awe-inspiring roads on the planet.

It is etched into the side of the Taihang Mountains and is the one and only method of reaching Guoliang village – a remote and unique Chinese hamlet nestled into the steep inclines of this impressive mountain range.

The tunnel dates back to 1977 – before this, the village was, to most, inaccessible. It’s a 5m X 4m stretch, so not for the claustrophobic. It continues for less than a mile but can be worked into a longer trip along the picturesque Daye Road, with spots to stop off and take in the views around.

Garden Route, South Africa

Taking you from the coast into the mountains, this wild 120-mile road trip wraps South Africa’s best bits into one succinct – yet lengthy – route.

It’s got it all: woodland, lakes, lagoons, and coves, taking the traveler from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

The best way to take on this trip is to leave from the harbor town of Mossel Bay, skirting along the foothills of the Outeniqua mountains and then heading to the Wilderness National Park’s 13-mile stretch, where you’ll be met with an abundance of wild birds across the marshes and wetlands.

Stop for food, drinks, and dancing at Knysna (located on a lagoon) before taking in Plettenberg Bay’s stretches of sand.

This trip takes you back the way you came, meaning it’s a convenient caravan route for road trip planning.

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