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Summer Holiday In Mind? Travel Expectations During COVID-19

Despite the many warnings that we may not be able to enjoy a summer vacation this year, it seems those who were hardest hit throughout the start of the year are now preparing to reopen their borders throughout June and July and once again allow international travel – but if you are planning to take a trip this summer, it’s important have expectations of what travel may be like moving forward.

Summer Holiday In Mind? Travel Expectations During COVID-19

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Travel Expectations During COVID-19

Changing pricing

Historically, following a difficult time in aviation there is a dip in ticket pricing for the short term, followed by a longer term increase – it is important to keep this in mind, whilst you may be able to find a good deal on tickets within the next few months as travel is once again encouraged, this is unlikely to always be the case. Once the initial wave of recovery has happened, expect there to be a big hike in some ticket pricing, especially internationally and plan accordingly moving ahead.

Slower boarding

We’re fortunate we live in the digital age with our favourite movies and shows available on demand and our favourite mobile games similar to those at Maximum Casinos as it has already been warned we could experience some extremely long boarding times – some estimates have warned that these boarding times could be up to four hours as temperature checks and social distancing measures are kept in place throughout the airports. As it stands it hasn’t been reported that flights will run at a reduced capacity, and as such these fuller flights could also lead to extended delays.

Individual expectations

Some countries have already put expectations on their population – rules to ensure that masks are being worn in public as well as social distancing measures being upheld in public spaces, reduced capacity in some business such as restaurants and other more specific rules that may change from place to place – this may change your scheduling for activities or what may be possible where you visit, and these rules may be enforced to different degrees depending on where you are – but more than ever it is important to stick to these rules as ignoring them could be more punishing that they would typically be.

Possibility of cancellations

It’s important to understand that there will of course be the possibility of changes and cancellations happening last minute – having protection in place through insurance and other safeguards will be an even more important part of travel moving forward, if there’s the possibility of a second outbreak, even on a smaller scale, it is expected that your schedule may change last minute – whilst being upset is understandable, expecting change may be unrealistic.

Travel as a whole may be permanently changed by these last few months, and as such it’s important to have your expectations in line with that change – more than ever be prepared for potential bad news and last minute changes so you aren’t caught off guard with different expectations in mind.

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