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Studying Abroad? 5 Self-storage Solutions for the Savvy Student

Studying abroad is such an exciting prospect for a student. Whether you are coming to live in the UK as an international student or you’re moving from here to study in a different country, there is plenty for you to look forward to. Preparing for this next chapter involves a few different important things, one of which is what to do with the belongings you leave behind. Looking for cheap student storage should be part of this process, ensuring your things are secure the whole time you are away.

Considerations when studying abroad

Once you’ve been accepted on a course where you’re studying abroad for a short period the next step is to figure out what you need to do to prepare effectively. Think about all the paperwork and documentation you’ll need, insurance and other important details.

We’ve put together a few different options of cheap student storage, solutions that will

put your mind at ease and let you go away and enjoy your year studying abroad.

1. Rely on friends

Depending on your situation and the amount of stuff that you will have to store during the time you’re away you might be able to store some things with friends or family. Some of your close friends might not be going away to study and there is a small chance that someone you know well has enough space in their student home, or maybe family home if they are from your university town, where you can store away some of your belongings that you are not taking with you abroad.

2. Use the family home for storage

The same with your own family members, if there is space in your family home this could be a cost-effective solution for your storage needs when packing up to go away for a year studying abroad. Even if you have moved away for university, the summer holidays might be a time where you go back home for a bit before moving abroad to study. Take all your stuff with you when you go home at the end of the university year and then only take what you really need with you when you pack to go away.

3. Keep your student room

This is probably only a practical storage solution if you are studying abroad for a short period of time. It might even make sense that if you are away studying for a couple of months in the middle of the university year that you keep your student room for the entire year. That way, you can leave your belongings in your home, where they will be before and after your time studying away. If you are away for an entire year though this is an expensive storage solution.

4. Travel light

Whatever you decide to do in terms of cheap storage solutions for your time studying abroad you should think carefully about how you pack to go away. Sorting through your clothes and personal items, shedding those you no longer need or putting away certain items into storage for the time being, will help to make your travel lighter and less stressful. The more stuff you take with you, the harder it is to travel and experience everything you want to.

5. Cheap student storage

Accessible self-storage solutions are readily available in most student towns and cities. These are cost-effective options for students on a tight budget, and they provide both short-term contracts (such as over the summer holiday months) or for long-term periods (for those studying abroad for a semester or an entire year). A secure storage solution is a box where you can put away all those belongings that you don’t need to take with you for your year away studying. You don’t want to take absolutely everything with you when you move abroad for the short-term and knowing that you’re coming back here to study will help to put your mind at ease that your things are safe. For some services, there is even a collection service, where you box up your things and they will come to you to collect your belongings and take them to a safe, secure location.

For us, the best of all these options is to look at cheap student storage in a self-storage facility. Whether you are looking for somewhere to securely store your things in your university town whilst you are away for a year studying abroad, or you’ve come to the UK to study and you need to keep some belongings safe in storage because there isn’t enough space in your student accommodation, this provides the perfect option. Cost-effective, safe, in good locations that are close to your student home, you can return from your travels and great experiences abroad to collect your things and start again in your home for the year ahead.

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