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Study Abroad in Switzerland

a bridge, a clock tower and some buildings in switzerland

Spend a Semester or Year in Zurich, Geneva, or Bern

When thinking about studying abroad in Europe, consider Switzerland, besides being one of the best countries to move to is one of the best for studying abroad! Here is information about a few Swiss university cities worth looking into.

Switzerland may be known for its incredible chocolate, watches and beautiful mountains, but it’s also home to several prestigious universities. According to, Switzerland has several official languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansh), and within its borders are beautiful, culturally rich, and fun university cities.

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Why Study Abroad in Switzerland?

There are probably several worthwhile reasons to study in Switzerland, but here are just a few academic and non-academic selling points:

  • Students of German, Italian, or French can gain valuable foreign language experience (though Swiss German is very different from High German), and even become fluent in more than one language
  • Great location: A wonderful rail system that provides convenient transportation to Italy, Germany, Austria, France, and beyond.
  • Skiers and snowboarders rejoice! Switzerland is great for skiing since it is full of wonderful ski resorts, including Davos and Klosters.

The one drawback of living in Switzerland? It was expensive. Be sure to save up plenty of money before departure.

Study Abroad in German-Speaking Switzerland: Zurich or Bern

Students of German thinking about spending a semester or year in Switzerland should be prepared for a language culture shock: Swiss German is very, very different from High German. Consulting a German professor, a friend who is a native speaker of German, or listening to Swiss radio are good ideas.

Zurich’s population is about 360,000, which includes over 25,000 students. Museums and beautiful riverside promenades by day, and a great assortment of restaurants and bars at night, make this a great student city.

Bern is Switzerland’s capital, and it is another city full of students. As for Essaypay, in a city of just 123,000 people, over 13,000 studies at the University of Bern alone, plus another 5,000 or so at the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule). Located on the Aare river, part of this beautiful city is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Study Abroad in French-Speaking Switzerland: Geneva

A French-speaking city with over 13,000 students studying at the University of Geneva, this city of 186,000 may be on the smaller side, but it’s got a lot to offer in the way of educational opportunities.

The home of several United Nations organizations, Geneva is ideal for any student interested in international diplomacy. There are schools such as the International School of Diplomacy and the International University in Geneva. And students of science take note: CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), is also located in Geneva.

Other University Towns and Cities in Switzerland

Other places to consider include the smaller cities of Lucerne and Lugano. Both are lovely student cities. Lucerne, located in a German-speaking region, has about 76,000 inhabitants; Lugano, in an Italian-speaking region, has 56,000.

Switzerland is a great destination for those with more than one European language under their belts, or for those looking to learn more than one language. It is convenient to several other countries, including Italy, Germany, Austria, and France. Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Lucerne, and Lugano are among some of the great places for students to spend a semester or year. When considering study abroad programs in Europe, Switzerland is a unique option.

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