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Why Student Nurses Should Consider Becoming a Volunteer in Israel

For many student nurses, volunteering is an integral part of their education which will enable them to get their foot straight onto the career ladder after graduating from nursing school. Although many nursing programs will have work placements and shadowing included as a compulsory part of the degree course, other programs, such as DNP online degrees, may require students to find their own experience in the healthcare industry.Student nurses are an valuable asset for most charity organizations around the world.Here 3 reasons to consider being a volunteer in Israel.

With the demand for health professionals rising in many war-stricken countries such as Israel or Syria, traveling abroad to volunteer your time, skills, and caring attitude can be an excellent opportunity for nursing students.

Volunteer in Israel
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4 Reasons for Student Nurses to Consider Being a Volunteer in Israel

Front Line Experience

In order to work in countries such as Israel as a volunteer student nurse, it’s important to have a resilient attitude and be prepared for some of the traumatic events that you may be a part of. Volunteering in these countries is often an extremely different experience from volunteering in the healthcare industry in the U.S., with less medical resources at hand and a forever increasing number of patients in need of urgent care and attention. Volunteering in war-stricken countries in the Middle East as a student nurse can be an exciting way to gain valuable front-line experience and improve your abilities to deal with emergencies and cope well under pressure.

Rewarding Work

Although volunteering in Middle Eastern countries such as Israel or Syria in order to offer humanitarian aid and medical help to victims of war can definitely be a risky move, it can also be hugely rewarding work which will stay with you for the rest of your life. Many Middle Eastern countries are currently in the middle of crisis and unrest, leaving civilians caught up in the middle of fighting, destruction, pain and fear. Using your skills and expertise as a student nurse to help these people in their time of need can be one of the most rewarding things that you will ever do during your career as a health professional.

New Experiences

Another great reason to volunteer your skills as a student nurse overseas is that it will give you the chance to gain some valuable experience in the healthcare industry that you will not be able to gain elsewhere. Volunteering as a medical professional in areas of the world which have been torn apart by war and conflict can be a great way to broaden your horizons and also increase your chances of working abroad as a nurse or other healthcare professional in the future. Additionally, students pursuing a postgraduate nursing program such as a doctorate in nursing practice may find volunteering in Israel and other Middle Eastern countries provides them with an excellent base for new research material for their degree course.

As a student nurse, gaining relevant work experience is a crucial part of qualifying to work in your chosen field. But, instead of volunteering your services and time at home, traveling overseas to help the victims of war and unrest in countries such as Israel can be very beneficial and rewarding.

Have you had an experience as a Volunteer in Israel?

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  1. Wow! Israel sounds like a fan place to work in. Getting a volunteering opportunity there is somehow not so easy though. Any tips on ho to go about a successful volunteer application?

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