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The Stroke of Luxury With Koyudo Brushes

For over a century, the small shops of Kumano in Hiroshima have been relentlessly perfecting the art of brush making. Koyudo Brushes and why they are considered as a luxury option among the many brands that offer makeup brushes.Learn all about Koyudo Brushes.

When the traditional Japanese art form of Calligraphy was practiced widely and taught at schools, the craftsmen at Kumano used to work on creating the calligraphy brushes. Today, the demand has shifted to a much broader market of makeup brushes, eventually replacing calligraphy brushes as the primary product of this “Capital of brushes.” 

Koyudo was one of the pioneers to venture into the booming cosmetic industry fifteen years ago. Now, Koyudo is famed for its partnership with Fude in manufacturing the luxury line of Japanese makeup brushes. The touch of refinement and attention-to-detail still prevails in the crafting of every brush, making Fude one of the best luxury makeup brushes in the world itself.

Koyudo Brushes

The Koyudo Art of Brush making

Japanese makeup brushes are unique in one aspect; the unparalleled gentleness that makes it perfect for blending to the skin. The Koyudo Collection of Fude follows the same method of the calligraphy brush, perhaps, the secret to its delicateness. 

A calligraphy brush comprises over 50 different materials, and a typical makeup brush has only 20. Without a tapered bristle tip, a calligraphy brush could defect the work of an artist. Similarly, if not carefully done, makeup brushes could lead to harshness on the skin. 

By integrating the same techniques used in calligraphy brush making, Koyudo has achieved perfectionism, to maximize the contact support on the skin while reducing any irritation caused by brush materials. 

The technique has been refined over the years by taking inspiration from traditional methods as well as blending in the modern knacks. Koyudo is continuously innovating their brush manufacturing with dedicated artisan professionalism. 

The Luxury of Makeup brushes 

Right from its appearance, Fude brushes are a work of art. The stunner design is famous for its chic range, and trendy colors from pastel pink to orange, with dedicated shapes for different purposes. They vary with the type of product, the texture, and the skin. 

Each brush is perfectly balanced with the perfect lift that allows you to use it with ease, and make your makeup transformation seamless. The process achieves fineness by filtering the low-quality hairs. 

Removing individual hairs manually is what adds the extra delicacy to the tips while driving the cost. While for the same reason, many brush companies skip this step, Kayudo ensures that each and every brush meets the precision and high standards. Any hair that is misaligned is removed, and handles are checked to provide just the right balance before the Kayudo Logo is printed. 

Koyudo’s exclusive artisanal brush line has a dedicated team of 100 artisans, handcrafting each brush with a refined goal of improvement. 

With efficient workflow and the talented craftsmanship, Koyudo brushes are softened to a smooth surface, with fine hairs allowing the gentle application of beauty products. No matter your skill level, 

While continuing to produce calligraphy brushes, Koyudo strives to pass on the tradition and reputation of Kumano brushes to the rest of the world. Koyudo’s commitment to quality, one that is trusted and loved by its customers, is only set to gleam more in the future.

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