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Street Food in NYC – What Are You in the Mood to Eat?

New York City is world renown for prize winning chefs, cuisines from all over the world and Michelin starred restaurants . There is even a saying, ‘You can eat three meals a day, ever single day for one year and still not eat at all the restaurants in NYC.”

But aside from the insane amount of choices of eateries and restaurants, my family and I find the most fun trying out the myriad options of food trucks in New York City as well.

Street Food in New York City

Food trucks in New York City

Vegas Style Food Truck

Street Food in NYC
Kebab food truck in NY

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The Iconic New York Hot Dog Stand

new york hot dog stand

Fresh, Hot Roasted Nuts – My Favorite!

roasted nuts new york street food trucks

Get a choice of Mid Eastern Food, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and so much more

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Mid Eastern Food new york food trucks

Soft Ice Cream Truck – We don’t get these in Guatemala

ice cream trucks in new york city

Street Food in NYC – There is Something for Everyone


6 thoughts on “Street Food in NYC – What Are You in the Mood to Eat?

  1. Yum! It is so easy to associate street food with the myriad options on offer in Bangkok and throughout other parts of Thailand and surrounding nations – that I almost forget about the eclectic selection readily available in North American cities!

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