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4 Iconic Street Food from Around The World That You Must Try

One of the most integral parts of traveling is immersing yourself in the culture and local cuisine. If you really want to experience a new country or city like a local and truly get the full experience, then head straight for the local market, where there is bound to be delicious local street food. In this post, I have gathered the best street food from around the world.

Street food has a way of capturing the essence of its people and the local culture. Using local herbs, spices, and unusual cooking methods, one dish can transform your world and transport you to somewhere you have never been before. The local food also has a way of expressing history and vision too. While there is always a time and place to book yourself into a fancy restaurant and sample some of the more luxurious local delicacies, we believe that to truly understand where you are and feel the heart of the place your visiting, then street food is the way to go.

Street food is a wonderfully inexpensive way to fill yourself up, and an experience you are sure to remember forever.

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Best Street Food Around the World

Here is a countdown of the 4 most iconic types of street food to try, from 4 different countries. If you find yourself visiting any of these places any time soon, then give one of these a try:

4.  Banana Cue (Philippines):

This tasty deep-fried banana treat is very popular street food in the Philippines and it’s perfect for snacking on when playing bingo online for money. It is made with Saba bananas which is a sweeter variety of bananas grown on the island nation and is used a lot in cooking. Each banana is rolled into a thick coating of caramelized brown sugar, stuck onto a bamboo stick, then deep-fried in hot oil. The end result is out of this world and definitely worth a try.

3.  Bunny Chow (South Africa):

No, this is not a dish full of adorable little bunnies, it is just the name given to this delicious street food. Bunny Chow rose from the South African-Indian community in Durban, South Africa. The street vendors take a freshly baked loaf of soft white bread, cut it in half and hollow out the middle. They then fill the bread with incredible Indian/Cape Malay style curry which ranges from chicken, mutton, beef or bean. It is traditionally eaten with your hands and served with a side of carrot, chilli, vinegar, onion and occasionally some soft fries to dip in the curry. Yum!

2. Doubles (Trinidad and Tobago):

Doubles is a delicious and commonly eaten street food found on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The snack is made with two bars — flat fried bread that is a variation of the Indian vada — and that is filled with curry channa. Channa is curried chickpeas, food that is popular in South Asian culture. Wrap up the flatbread filled with the lovely curry filling and dip in some pepper, cucumber, or mango chutney and feel your taste buds sing!

1. Takoyaki (Japan):

Takoyaki is small round fritters stuffed with octopus, covered in a wheat flour-based batter, and cooked in a pan specially made to shape the snack into a ball. The delicious little ball is filled with diced octopus, tempura scraps, green onion, and pickled ginger. The Takoyaki then get a dollop of mayonnaise and a special Takoyaki sauce, then sprinkled with dried shavings of bonito (a type of fish) as well as green laver (a type of seaweed). It all fits in your mouth in one tasty bite and is something not to miss next time you visit Japan.

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