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Streamline your Holiday Plans with These Minimalist Travel Posters

The internet is kinda packed with information – and not all of it is entirely useless! Before you go on your travels, you can get a full run down on your destination: how to get around, what the weather’s like, what to see, where to eat.How to streamline your holiday plans with these minimalist travel posters.Take a look at this article about holiday plans.

Streamline your Holiday Plans with These Minimalist Travel Posters

What you trade off on the mystery adventure that people took for granted a couple of decades back, you gain in optimizing the comfort, value, and personalization of your trip.

But then again, that swamp of information can be a bit overwhelming when you just want a simple, fun vacation with minimal thought or fuss. Well, the folks over at Expedia have come up with an elegant compromise: the minimalist travel poster.

Starting with 14 stunning destinations, the designers have peeled back all the noise so that just an at-a-glance capsule itinerary remains. Whether you’ve a weekend planned in The Serengeti, Siem Reap, or Sydney, the posters have it figured out for you in half-a-dozen or less easy steps.

You’ll get to take in the key sights, fill up on the must-eat regional cuisine, and try something that makes your destination unique among the most special places on Earth.

Look at the poster for Cambodia’s Siem Reap, for example. With a geometric simplicity that borders on 8-bit chic but still captures the color and mystery of the place, the design starts you off at the world’s biggest religious monument: the temple complex of Angkor Wat. The twelfth-century structure has variously been a Hindu and a Buddhist site of worship, a mausoleum for Khmer King Suryavarman II, and a national symbol for Cambodia, and its intricate layout and facades more than make up for the minimalist design on the poster!

Streamline your Holiday Plans with These Minimalist Travel Posters

It’s a feast for the eyes and a test for your legs, so the itinerary takes you to  next – a floating village where you can catch your breath, sense the community, and charter a boat to take the weight off your feet.

A satisfying bowl of kuy teav will restore you to full strength for an afternoon’s wander. Comparable to Vietnamese Pho, this sweet noodle soup is made with pork or beef, rice noodles, and delicious herbs and spices. It can commonly be found as a street food so you shouldn’t need to look too far. It’s also perfectly acceptable to eat kuy teav for breakfast so you may find yourself eating it two or three times a day! Talk about a minimalist holiday…

It’s back to temple country in the afternoon, but Phnom Bakheng is quite a different prospect. The temple is dedicated to Shiva, and predates Angkor Wat by more than two hundred years. Positioned at the top of a hill, it offers refreshing views across the countryside and the jungle, and is the ideal place to take in the evening’s sunset. Then it’s back down the hill to your hotel for another bowl of noodles!

Put like this, holidaying can be so simple. Check out Expedia’s other thirteen posters for more ideas, depending on your destination.

And if you want to delve a bit deeper, Google’s only a tap away…

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